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we_____ a party next Sunday. we have sent invitations a) are having b) won't have c)have I'll tell Pete the news when

10-11 класс


a)will see


c)am seeing

At this time tomorrow______a grammar test.

a)we will be having

b)We will have

c)we having

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1)are having

2) will see

3)we will have


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Перевидите пожалуйста текст с русского на английский чтобы я его смог прочитать на русском Мы с другом всегда ходим дамой, вместе

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II. Перепишите и письменно переведите на русский язык предложения, учитывая различия в переводе зависимого и независимого причастных


1. At last the excitement died down, the captain having assured the passengers, that there was no longer the slightest danger.

2. Having introduced the new words, the teacher asked one of the students to read them.

3. The key having been lost, they could not enter the cottage.

нужно составить 10 предложений в Passive Voice по этому тексту

заранее спасибо

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Put the verb into the correct form.

Example: If the weather … (be) fine, we … (go) to the country. - If the weather is fine, we will go to the country.

1. If I ... (not see) you tomorrow, I ... (phone) you.
2. When I ... (come) back home tonight, I ... (take) a shower.
3. Take an umbrella in case it ... (rain).
4. Be careful! If you ... (not be) careful, you'll fall.
5. We ... (not start) dinner until all our friends… (arrive).
6. Your father ... (help) you, as soon as he ... (have) time.
7. I ... (lend) you the money on condition that you ... (return) it to me next week.
8. I'm going to work in the garden this afternoon unless it ... (be) too cold.
9. My sister wants to live in our house while we… (be) away on holiday.
10. If it ... (be) hot in the afternoon, we… (go) to the beach.
11. ... you ... (go) to the party if they ... (invite) you?
12. I ... (tell) him the news when I ... (see) him.

Помогите пожалуйста перевести,только желательно без переводчика 1. I’ll ask Tom if I see him today. 2. We would go to the party if

we had time tomorrow. 3. She would pass her exam next month if she worked harder. 4. She would be happy if she met him at the party next Sunday. 5. We’ll go nowhere tomorrow if it rains. 6. If she knew his phone number, she would call him next week. 7. If J. London had not learned life from his own experience, he could not have written his great works. 8. Had the science of radio not been developed so rapidly, we should not have got such remarkable changes in the technique today. 9. Had he been a young man, he would have taken part in the expedition. 10. If you had applied this method, you would have got better results.

Переведите на русский язык следующие предложения: 1. We have been invited to dinner. 2. When she came, the problem of unemployment was

still being discussed.

3. A new road round Khabarovsk will be built soon.

4. All invitations will have been sent up by 5 o'clock.

5. Five workers were employed by them.

6. This experienced employee can be relied on.

7. The right job is being looked for by graduates now.

8. The better results would be achieved if you worked hard.

9. The resume must be written by him.

10. The invitation should be accepted by you.

11.All management functions cannot be performed properly by one person. 12.Official reports will have been discussed by the end of the next month.

13. All the jobs requiring skills are groupped together.

14. Each applicant will be asked by the manager tomorrow

Вставьте модальные глаголы should,need и to have to. Раскройте скобки,употребляя требующуюся форму инфинитива.

1.Julia won`t be at work this afternoon.She ... (to go) to the doctor.
2.You look unhealthy.I think you ... (to go) to the fitness club.
3.We have a lot of time.We ... not (to hurry).The football match has not started yet.
4.Smoking ... be banned in all public places.
5.I think people ... choose for themselves - if they want to be healthy or not.
6.You ... not (to go) shopping.There is plenty of food in the fridge.
7.Mary has got lots of exams next week, so she ... to work really hard.
8.You ... not (to go) out in this rain; you have a cold in your head.
9.It was Sunday,and we ... not (to go) to school.
10.Everything is all right. You see that you ... not (to worry).
11.You are out of breath.You ... (to run) so fast: you know how bad it is for you.
12.You not (to tell) her about it.She will tell everybody about it.
13.You ... not (to go) with her: she knows the way perfectly well.
14.You ... not (to put) so much pepper in the meat.No one will be able to eat it.
15.You ... not (to give) them any lunch.They can get coffee and sandwiches on the train.
16.Must I take part in the competitions? -No,you ...
17.If you see anything unusual you ... (to call) the police.
18.You ... not (to tell) him the news; he knows it already.
19.I`m not very busy.I`ve got a few things to do but I ... not (to do) them right now.
20.You ... not (to be) so impatient with him.

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