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What have the mills done? Why are they happy? Match.

1-4 класс

1.Andy's father has bought a new cooker.
2.Andy has swept the paths.
3.They have cleaned the garden.
4.They haven't forgotten to wash the floor.
5.Andy has repainted the door

a.The garden is clean.
b.Andy's mother can cook on the new cooker now.
c.The floor is super clean now.
d.The door is blue now.
e.Now the paths are clean.

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Tok you hot rui nams

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что надо делать? объясни

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перевести надо?

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что надо делать?

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не знаю сама!!!!

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1-b 2-e 3-a 4-d 5-c

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1-b 2-e 3-a 4-d 5-c

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1-b 2-e 3-a 4-d 5-c

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1-b 2-e 3-a 4-d 5-c


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Вставить пропущенные слова.

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Professor Wallace is 35 _______
Переведите на английский)

Прошлое воскресенье
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9) в 21;00 я легла спать.

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1.What are the children eating?Why?(банан,яблоки,сладости)

2.What is the dog doing?(папин ужин)
3.Is Mum in or out?(ее нет дома)
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5.Do you think it"s a funny story?
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bird for my breakfast," ... (think) the Cat.
"Good morning, Miss Bird," ... (say) the Cat.
"Good morning, Mr Cat," ... (say) the Bird.
"Good news!" ... (say) the Cat.
"What news?" ... (ask) the Bird.
The Cat ... (say), "Very good news, my little Bird! All animals are good friends now! We are friends: all cats, dogs and birds. Come to me! I want to speak to you."
But the little Bird ... (be) very smart.
"Of course, you are my friend. But I see many dogs and they are on their way to this tree."
"Oh, dogs! I must go home!" said the Cat.
"Oh, why, my dear friend? The dogs are our friends, too," said the Bird.
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What did the cat think?
What did the Cat say?
What did the Bird ask?
Why did the Cat run away?

Look at the pictures.Say what they are doing.He is

He is
It is
The girt is
We are
They are
She is
It is
The boys are,

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