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Помогите разгадать кроссворд. 1 Pupils often go on it to practise geography, biology and history. 2 Many schools start their school day with it. 3 British

5-9 класс

children have them at Christmas, in spring and in summer. 4 Look at the picture 5 It is a period of time, part of school year in Britain. 6 A mark that means "very good". 7 In these lessons pupils do different experiments.
по вертикали
8 A subject in which pupils practise painting, drawing and sculpture. 9 Short for Physical Education 10 It is Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 11 A club where children learn to perform. 12 Different questions to check pupils' knowledge. 13 An organisation for boys and girls that teaches them practical things. 14 It is a period of time between lessons

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1) excursion
2) registration
3) holidays
5) term
6) excellent
7) Chemistry
8) Art
12) test
14) break

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4. Drama

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не очень

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13. club?

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13 scouts.

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По горизонтали 1. 2. Registration 3. Holidays 4. Term 5. 6. Excelent 7. Chemistry По вертикали 1. Art 2. PE 3. Science 4. Drama 5. Test 6. Scounts 7. Break

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По горизонтали 1. Fieldtrip 5. Chess

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Не правильно вы всё пишите если знаете ответы дак пожалуйста напишите их все

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По горизонтали 1. 2. Registration 3. Holidays 4. Term 5. 6. Excelent 7. Chemistry По вертикали 1. Art 2. PE 3. Science 4. Drama 5. Test 6. Scounts 7. Break


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Составить текст миниатюру о хобби (плавание) на английском языке .
Буквально 5 предложений

Допоможіть, будь ласка!

Вставте слова у різні колонки , відповідно вимові їх закінчень у множині .
/ s / | / z / | / iz / - звук
| | - колонки
| |

Слова :A park , a city , a town , a leaf , a tree , a flower , a rose , a daffodil , a tulip , a book , a bench , a duck , a hedgehog , a squirrel , a place , a lake , a mountain , a tourist , a picture .

Проверьте текст

I would like to tell you about my awful trip.It was in 2005 year in October.I made up my mind to travel to South China.I decided to go by air,then by car because South China is very big and I wanted to visit many cities and villages there.
I packed my personal things and went to the airport Domodedovo.I stand near passport control,then I opend my purse to take documents,put my hand and I was shocked.I lost my passport and tickets.I looked at the watch and understood,I missed the plane.I went out airport,took taxi and went my home.
Remember!Then you are going to travel,dont forget all important things-passport,documents and tickets.

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1)вопрос-Pupils often go on it to practise geography,biology and history.

2)вопрос-It is a period of time,part of a school year in Britain.
3)Вопрос-A club where children learn to perform.
4)вопрос-An organisation for boys and girls that teaches them practical things.Помогите ответить.

Have you ever been happy at school?

Some children can say that they have been happy at school. Some can't. Some children like the school the first day they come into the building. They see friends in their teachers. Some children like big schools where they can hide from others. For some children it is extremely important to get a very good education as they are going to enter the university. The most valuable quality in teachers and schools for them is knowledge and possibility to teach. Others think that relationship between children are more important. Altogether there are many factors which can make you happy or unhappy at school.Our school has everything for the pupils. In our computer lab there are ten computers, and we can use them after lessons to prepare our papers and reports.The walls are blue in my school. I have read that this colour helps pupils concentrate. In every classroom you can see flowers and posters on the walls, nice curtains on the windows. All this makes our school beautiful.My favourite school subjects are Russian and Russian Literature because I like the teachers, but also because it helpsme understand our history. It is interestingto learn about our language, and how it changed. I also want to write correctly. ButI'm not very good at physics and chemistry. It is difficult for me to memorizeand use formulas.Our teachers offer us many interesting activities: we stage plays in ourschool theatre, visit theatres together, make posters and wall newspapers. We also often go on excursions to many interesting places with our teacher of history, who is our form master. My friendsand I have been to Novgorod, Ladoga, and Pushkinskye Gory this year.My friends study at the same school. We go to school together. It is fun! Our class is very friendly. I usually invite allclassmates to my birthday parties. We help each other with difficult subjects and borrow books from each other. During the breaks we speak about everything in the world and share all our secrets. It is great to have so many friends.That is why I can say that I have been happy at school.
Questions:1. What kind of school did you go to?
2. What equipment does your school have?
3. How many floors are there in your school?
4. What are your favourite subjects? Why?
5. What subjects do you dislike? Why?
6. How many lessons did you usually have?
7. Were your classmates friendly?
8. Did you like your school?
9. Did you change schools?
10. Was there a strict discipline in your school?
11. What exams did you take at school?

Помогите пожалуйста в цифры нужно вставить буквы, пожалуйста помогите, буквы могут повторятся You are going to read some articles about schools in Brita

in. For questions 1-9 choose from the schools (A-D). The schools may be chosen more than once. Which schools: 1 is a comprehensive school? 2 is a boarding school for boys? 3 is a school where boys and girls study together? 4 is a college of further education? 5 offers free education? 6 prepares special food for pupils? 7 is for those who are good at sport? 8 concentrates on studying Maths and Information Technology? 9 was repaired and decorated not long ago? A) If you are a Year 11 student, no matter whether a boy or a girl, thinking about what direction to take after school, or a Year 9 or 10 student considering your future goals, you will be making important decisions that will affect the rest of your life. We offer a great range of courses for Post Leaving Certificate and for about students. Students who successfully complete their studies at the College get the necessary qualifications to enter their chosen career or to continue their studies at the third level. The education is free, however, there are sums of money that students have to pay to attend all courses: for example, registration fees, examination fees. Students will be informed at interview about the specific prices of their chosen course. B) The School is set on the edge of an attractive market town almost in the centre of England. School House, the boarding residence, is set in an attractive Georgian house. The House is comfortably furnished and offers an attractive "family" atmosphere to boys aged between 11 and 19 years. Entry into School House is by interview, not examination, and the important criteria for selection are a willingness to live happily and study effectively in a society of boys. We have very competitive prices and, with a long and successful tradition of boarding, it is very often the case that too many people want to study here. All special diets are catered for. C) Our school is unique. It is a school for boys and girls aged from 7 to 18 years. Our boarding fees will be a little over &10,500 per year - that is about half what you would expect at a private school. This is a specialist Sports College. In addition to all the usual facilities for sport we have an indoor swimming pool and a Riding School. Boarding houses are organised to reflect the needs of each age group. Younger children live in Rank Weston House. Boarders aged from 11 to 13 have a separate house for boys and for girls. Older boys and girls live in Gatton Hall. All of the boarding Houses have been completely repaired in recent years. There is always a vegetarian option and other diets can be catered for by special arrangement. D) Our school is co-educational state secondary school, with almost 1400 pupils and students. About 1100 pupils between the ages of 11 and 16 study for their GCSE exams, with more than 300 students in our Sixth Form studying for A-Level exams. The school is accommodation is set around three buildings. Pupils in Years 9 to 11 are based in the main building in the town. The Sixth Form is based in the old girls high school buildings. Years 7 and 8 are based in a separate building. We want our pupils to work with business to develop our Specialist School status as a Maths and Computing College, and develop the skills to succeed in these and other fields.

Paul is in the park. He often(go) after thr lessons there. Now he (go) on exciting rides there.

Pete is at the school stadium. He (ride) a skateboard. He (be) very good at it.
Steve and Mike are at the zoo. They (take) photos of the animals there. Steve and Mike (be) interested in photography. Jane is at Sarah`s birthday party. She and her friends (enjoy) a birthday cake.
Sue is at home. She(chat) with Linda on the phone. They (exchange) their school news rvery day.
Bill is at Ted`s home. They (do) homework together. Bill often(help) Ted with maths.
Linda(ride) a horse at the club. She(visit) the club every Wednesday.

Помогите разгадать кроссворд: Do the crossword puzzle.

1. ... is the last month of the year.
2. ... is the time when children don`t go to school and do what they want.
3. You can enjoy Christmas ... everywhere in December.
4. ... is the language which people speak in Great britain.
5. ... is an old man who brings children presents at Christmas.
6. .....is one of the seasons.
7. "..... Christmas!" we say to wish people pleasant Christmas days.
8. ......is a traditional or religions song people sing at Christmas.
9. There is a big Christmas tree in Trafalgar .... in winter.
В кроссворде в клеточках буквы такие:
1. 8 букв последняя r
2. 7 букв четвертая i
3. 10 букв, вторая e, девятая o
4. 7 букв, третья g
5. 5 букв, четвертая t
6. 6 букв, третья n
7. 5 букв, пятая y
8. 6 букв, третья и четвертая rr
9. 6 букв, вторая q

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