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5-9 класс

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1c, 2b, 3a, 4e, 5f, 6d


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Write advice about going to parties in your country. Use should or shouldn`t and the ideas in brackets.

1. (barbecue/clothes?)
You should wear informal clothes when you go to barbecues.
2. (wedding/clothes?)
3. (wedding/when arrive?)
4. (wedding/take what?)
5. (birthday party/take what?)
6. (birthday/not to do?)
7. (birthday party/say what?)
8. (birthday party/leave when?)

Задать к тексту альтернативный вопрос любого предложения.

For seven hundred years Oxford and Cambridge universities dominated the British education. Scotland had four universities, all founded before A. D. 1600. Wales only acquired a university in the 20th century; it consisted of four university colleges located in different cities (Cardiff, Swansea, Bangor, and Aberystwith). The first English university after Oxford and Cambridge (sometimes referred to as Oxbridge) was Durham, in the North of England, founded in 1832. The University of London was founded a few years later in 1836.During the nineteenth century institutions of higher education were founded in most of the biggest industrial towns, like Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield (sometimes called the Redbrick Universities). At first they did not have full university status but were known as university colleges; since 1945, however, all have become independent universities, and in recent years a number of other universities have been founded: Sussex, Essex, Warwick, and others.
In the middle 60s there was a further new development. Some of the local technical colleges maintained by local authorities had gained special prestige. By 1967 ten of these had been given charters as universities. Many of them are in the biggest cities where there were already established universities; so now we have the University of Aston (Birmingham), Salford (close to Manchester), Strathclyde (Glasgow), Herriot-Watt University (Edinburgh), Brunei University (London).

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Помогите выполнить задание, пожалуйста. Перепишите текст, заполнив пропуски необходимыми по смыслу словами из предложенного

списка. Изменяйте форму глагола там, где это грамматически обусловлено.

1)Operation Tiger

create left remain save

Seventy years ago there were 100,000 tigers in the world. Today there are no more than 8,000 ______ . In 1972 the World Wildlife Fund organized 'Operation Tiger' to ______ the tigers that ______ . Eighteen tiger reserves have been ______ in India and three in Nepal.

2)Greenhouse effect

Hold Atmosphere Destroy Burn Job Cans Produce Drive

The earth has been getting hotter because we are ______ too many “greenhouses gases”. These gases ______ the heat. Trees and plants help take gases such as carbon dioxide from the ______, but we have now ______ too many trees. There aren’t enough trees and plants to do this ______. We make carbon dioxide when we ______ wood or ______ cars. CFCs (other dangerous gases) are in the refrigerators and aerosol ______.

3)The Ozone Layer

Dangerous Acid Diseases Holes

There is a layer of gas called ozone. It covers the Earth. It protects us from the dangerous rays of the sun. But when ozone gets near to Earth (in ______ rain, for example) it is also very ______ itself and causes ______ . There are also now ______ in the ozone layer.

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Look at the information again. Now write a paragraph about this animal. Give a reason why you (dont) like it.
The Arabian Camel.
The Arabian Camel is an animal of North Africa and the Moddle East.It is brown with short fur and long,thin legs.It has a large body and a long neck.It is got a hump on its back with fat in it.It lives in dry places like deserts and can go three weeks withhout water. It carries people on its back for miles. The camel is a friendly animal.

Помогите выполнить задание или просто объясните что к чему. (Само задание написать не могу,потому что карточка с ним потерялась...)

Пример из задания:
A dog (?) running in the garden now.
A dog is running in the garden now.
Остальное задание:
He (?) is riding his bike at the moment.
My friends love (?) her cat very much.
The baby (?) not crying.

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