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5-9 класс

Aliya777barieva 11 мая 2015 г., 1:54:50 (9 лет назад)
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11 мая 2015 г., 3:09:17 (9 лет назад)

1)How long will Tom only stay in Moscow?
2)What city is different from Moscow?
3)Are there a lot of places to visit in London?
4)Where does live Ben?
5)When did she visit the capital of Great Britain?

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11 мая 2015 г., 5:08:31 (9 лет назад)

How long will Tom stay in Moscow?
What is city different from Moscow?

Are there a lot of places to visit in London, are not?
Where does Ben live?

When did she visit the capital of Great Britain?




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Срочно помогите решить тест!!!!!

1. Anna and Kate _________ to the cinema last Sunday.
A) didn’t went B) don’t go C) didn’t go

2. I had breakfast ________ ago.
A) this morning B) three hours C) 7.30 a.m.

3. When _____ you last _______ tennis?
A) did/play B) do/play C) did/played

4. ______ you like _______ coffee?
A) do/any B) are/some C) would/some

5. There isn’t ________milk in the fridge.
A) many B) much C) a

6. Have you got _________ brothers?
A) some B) any C) the

7. The buildings in Venice are __________ the buildings in New York.
A) older than B) more older than C) much old than

8. Vienna is __________ city in Austria.
A) the most beautiful B) the beautiful lest C) more beautiful than

9. This restaurant is very, very good. It's __________ restaurant in London.
A) the better B) the good C) the best

10. I ________ a jumper and a jacket because it's cold today.
A) wear B) 's wearing C) 'm wearing

11. ________ Jim _____ today?
A) Do / work B) Is / working C) Does / works

12. Look, it's very cloudy. It __________ .
A) 's going to rain B) rainy C) raining
13.When _____ Polly _____ with her friend in Madrid?
A) does / going to stay B) — / is going to stay C) is / going to stay

14. I'm going to Egypt ___________ the pyramids.
A) seeing B) to see C) going to see

15. _________ did you buy your jacket?' 'At a shop in town.'
A) When B) Why C) Where

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