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Помогите с Английским, а то не понимаю как делать. 7 класс. Буду очееееень благодарна:) номер 14, на втором фото продолжение

5-9 класс

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A kangaroo, a horse, a cheetah - which of these animals is the fastest?
English, French, Chinese - which of these languages is the most widely spoken?
The Nile, the Volga, the Mississippi - which of these rivers is the longest?
The Arctic Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean - which of these oceans is the biggest?
The Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral, the National Gallery - which of these attractions is the oldest?

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10 окт. 2013 г., 12:41:19 (10 лет назад)

Which of these animals is the fastest?
 Which of these languages is the most widely spoken?
Which of these rivers is the longest?
 Which of these oceans is the biggest?
Which of these monuments is the oldest?
Which of these cars is the most expensive?
Which of these cities is the warmest?
Which of these cities is the most populated?
Which of these ilnesses is the most healthy?


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там еще В есть


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Помогите пожалуйста!!!

нужно составить по одному предложению с каждым словом:
1.War 2.Poverty 3. Famine 4. Global warming 5. Endangered species 6. Pollution 7. Homelessness 8. Child labour

Помогите, срочно нужно.

Как читается этот текст:

Meals In Russia

Each country has its own traditions of
cooking and national dishes. Russia is mainly a northern country with harsh
winters, so food there is the source of energy and warmth. The essential
components of Russian cuisine are bread and wheat products, vegetables, dairy
produce, meat and fish. Russians usually have three meals a day: breakfast,
dinner and supper. Breakfast is a quick meal, as the majority of people are in
a hurry for work or school. It may contain a sandwich or two, an omelette, a
cup of tea or coffee. Some people eat porridges or cornflakes in the morning.
Dinner is a more sufficient meal. It is usually in the afternoon and may
contain fresh salad, soup, main course and a glass of compote – stewed fruit
drink. Typical Russian soups are shchi, solyanka, rassolnik, ukha. One of the
people’s favourites in summer is okroshka – cold soup based on kvas or sour
milk. Traditional Russian salads include Olivier and vinegret. Supper is served
in the evening, when everybody comes home after work or studies. It is the
second largest meal after dinner and it usually consists of the main course and
dessert. Russians like meat and fish dishes, such as pelmeni, kotlety,
shashlyk. Pelmeni are similar to dumplings with meat. Kotlety are like
meatballs with spices. Shashlyk is a marinated meat grilled on a skewer. After
nourishing dinner Russian people like to drink hot tea with jam or honey.
Sometimes they cook blini or syrniki for the dessert. It is worth mentioning
that Russians practice various techniques of preserving food, such as drying
mushrooms and herbs, canning fruit and vegetables. Thus, in winter they can
have a piece of summer goodies.

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Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение на тему "Мое будущее и будущее планеты", можете написать на русском, переведу сама.. Мне нужно срочно, не успеваю и


Я тут не поняла как делать...хотя бы напишите пример..


I would like to change my name,...
to look strong,...
to get taller,...
to have...
to be...

Я даже пока писала,себя не понимала :DD

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