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Как перевести:I see thousands of stars?

5-9 класс

Solnisko777 22 нояб. 2014 г., 18:29:08 (6 лет назад)
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Я вижу тысячи звезд.

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22 нояб. 2014 г., 20:41:58 (6 лет назад)

миллионы или миллиарды?


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профессию нелегко. Как ты думаешь, что может помочь тебе сделать выбор:

I agree that the choice of profession is not an easy task. Make a choice can help me to meet people of different professions, the test for career guidance. Also need find out more information about professions

-Путешествие - один из способов узнать другие страны. Чем привлекает туристов Россия? Что бы ты показал своим зарубежным друзьям?:

Russia, the largest country in the world, has always attracted visitors from neighbouring and distant countries. Russia is proud of its architecture, painting, and music. A lot of tourists come to our country to see its beauty and to admire its cultural achievements. I would like to show my foreign friends Moscow, St. Petersburg and the towns of the «Golden Ring»

-Каждая страна имеет свои особенности. С чем у тебя ассоциируется страна изучаемого языка и ее жители?

I have never been to Britain, but I have a strong assosiation with the word combination "Great Britain" - I see an island in the middle of blue-blue sea. The island is covered with haze... Also with the Great Britain I associate words such as football (since it was born there), tea (because they have tradition of drinking tea at five o'clock), Queen Elizabeth II (she's the queen of Great Britain from 1952 to the present.)

-О ком из людей, прославивших нашу страну, ты рассказал бы своим зарубежным друзьям? Кем из знаменитых людей страны изучаемого языка ты восхищаешься?

Sure, I would like to tell my foreign friends about our wonderful poets such as Mayakovsky, Brodsky and Esenina because their work can inspire anyone. I admire such Britons as Lewis Carroll (who wrote my favorite book Alice in Wonderland), Freddie Mercury - British musician who has reached the peak of popularity as the frontman of the rock band "Queen". As a performer, he was known for his vocal talent and bright image, Brian Molko, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for the group Placebo.

-Что бы ты рассказал своим зарубежным друзьям о традиционных русских праздниках? Что ты знаешь о праздниках в странах изучаемого языка?

I would like talk about such ancient holidays as Shrovetide and Midsummer Day. For example, on Shrovetide Russians escort winter and meet spring . Main traditional attributes of National Pancake Day celebration in Russia - pancakes, fun, sledding, caroling. And obligatory custom of Midsummer day was a massive swimming: from this day of all the evil spirits came out of the rivers, so until the day Ilyin could swim safely. In addition, water to Midsummer has the life-giving and magical properties. unfortunately, I know only one holiday which is celebrated in the UK. It's Halloween. Begging for sweets and wearing a variety of costumes, the celebration of Halloween is also associated with some specific games and fortune telling.An important tradition of Halloween is the organization of the so-called Haunted attractions Whose main purpose - it's nice to scare visitors

-Ты собираешься провести месяц в семье твоего зарубежного друга. Как ты думаешь, что в этой семье будет интересно узнать о тебе?

I think them it would be interesting to know about me is that I love what I hate about my country, its traditions and custom. Why I decided to study foreign languages.

-Читательские интересы у людей разные. А что любишь читать ты?

Books bring pleasure & delight to readers. They entertain & develop owe imagination . I love to read the classics, sometimes modern literature .Also I like the creativity of the twenties. My favorite writers Fyodor Dostoevsky, Franz Kafka, Victor Pelevin. Poets Mayakovsky, Tsvetaeva, Pushkin, Yesenin

переведите пожалуйста срочно надо Computers are very important to people.We have computers at home and offices,at schools and in banks,in shops and in

libraries.Some computers help doctors treat people in the hospitals and help students study at the universities.Computers help people work and enjoy their free time playing games.
For people who love computers,working as a computer programmer is an ideal job.Programmers create many kinds of new programs for computers.Some new programs help us do experiments in science, create new technologies and make new machines.New clever programs help people control driving their cars,flying planes,and sailing ships.
Lots of people use computers at home.Sometimes they need the help of a computer programmer who can repair their computer.Programmers can protect computers from hackers who create new computer viruses.

Look at the pictures and fill in the gaps with other, another, the other.

1)This pen does't write. I need .... one.
2)This book is boring.Do you have any ...?
3)Five pupils are here.Where are .... pupils?
4) I have two best friends.One is a boy ... friend is a girl.

Допоможіть, будь - ласка. Потрібно написати речення на англійській мові. 1.В мене виникають труднощі коли я розмовляю Англійською. 2. Я розмовляю повільно

тому що я не думаю Англійською. 3. Я не знаю як промовляються нові слова. 4. Мені не зручно коли я розмовляю з вчителем А. 5. Ти можеш знайти вимову нових слів в словнику. 6. Англійські уроки це єдиний спосіб практикувати А. 7.Коли розмовляєш не перекладай всі слова говори тими що знаєш. 8. Замінюйслова близькими за змістом.

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I. Fill in the right article where necessary.

1. Many people in Russia go to ___ church regularly. 2. ___ Indian Tiger is a disappearing animal.
3. I bought ___ dress yesterday. ___ dress suits me very well. 4.
Where is ___ bag Peter brought yesterday? 5. In summer you can see
millions of stars in ___ sky. 6. Where is Nelly? She is in ___ bed. She
was so tired that she went to ___ bed without having supper. 7. Let’s
watch ___ television or listen to ___ radio. 8. My granny feels bad. I’m
afraid she will have to go to ___ hospital. 9. There is ___ magazine on
the table. 10. Last Friday we went to ___ university to Mr. Drake’s
lecture. 11. We started ___ work at 5 but haven’t finished it yet. 12.
It was ___ man I saw in ___ park in the morning.

2. Complete the sentences, be sure that they make sense.
1. I can’t get _____ with my mother-in-law. 2. Don't forget to turn _____ the iron before you
leave the house. 3. I guess that it’s time to get _____ to work. 4. The
man turned _____ to be a famous artist. 5. I am sure we got _____ the
wrong trolley-bus. 6. Mother had to do the flat the whole evening
because children turned it _____. 7. It took her a year to get _____ the
shock of her husband’s death. 8. Tell Mr. Gordon that I’ll call him
tonight if he turns _____.

Помогите пожалуйста! Как можно обьяснить этот стих? See, the grass is full of stars, Fallen in their brightness; Hearts they have of shining gold, Rays

of shining whiteness. Buttercups have honeyed hearts, Bees they love the clover, But I love the daisies' dance All the meadow over. Blow, O blow, you happy winds, Singing summer's praises, Up the field and down the field A-dancing with the daisies. Заранее спасибо!

We have a lot of space cities.The City of Stars is one of them.It is a very big city.Two thousand people live here.There are two spaceports in the

city.The first one is the main one and the second is an emergency one.You can get to any place in the city by teleportation or by railroad.The teleports are in every area.People travel by teleportation.The railroad is for transporting things. We want people to have a comfortable,healthy life in the city.There is a big zero-gravity sports centre and a stadium.People can play space volleyball,basketball or other games here. There are a lot of factories in the city where robots work.Rockets take minerals from nearby planets to the factories,and the fIf unfriendly alien spaceships come to the city,the lasers will exterminate them.actories make many useful things.The city Stars has also got factories,where robots and rockets are made and repaired.Nothing is thrown away in our city,everything is recycled. Lasers defend the city.-ОПРЕДЕЛИТЬ ВРЕМЕНА ПОКАЗАТЬ ПРИМЕРЫ:ВРЕМЯ ПРИМЕР,ПОМОГИТЕ ПЛИЗ ОЧЕНЬ НАДО СЕГОДНЯ КОНТРА ПО ЭТОМУ ТЕКСТУ,РЕШАЕТСЯ ГОДОВАЯ ОТМЕТКА!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Помогите перевести текс на русский только не через переводчик я отмечу как нарушение переводите сами My favorite book. Books play a very

important part in our life . Here is practically that does not have books. We can learn many things from books. They help us in self-education and in problems of live. For many, many years the number of books in the world was very small. Only a few people had copies of books to read and study. Most people could not ever read. Today, there are many thousands of public libraries in our country and everyone has the right to use them. There are books and writes that everybody knows. < Mary Poppins > by Pamela Travers ,< Winnie-the-Pooh > by Alan Milne, and of course < The adventures of Tom Sawyer > by Mark Twain . My favorite book is < Tom Sawyer > . Tom Sawyer wes a boy with wild imagination. He and his friends liked to play games. Tom was sometimes naughty and never quiet, but he was often noble and ha was always full of bright ideas. Books are our great friends and teachers.

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