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Помогите!!! Use the correct verb forms in brackets and match each sentence with the rule 1)Tom..........................(play) basketball at the

5-9 класс

moment 2)Tom.............................(play) basketball regularly since he was 3) My friends.............. (go) to the park now 4) my friends .............(go) to the park at weekends 5) I .................(visit) my grandparents every summer 6) my parents and i....................(live) im london for 6 years 7) i...............(visit) my grandparents now 8) i................ know Fred for 5 years 9) i................(watch) tv at the moment 10) i ..................(watch) tv every evening 11) i.................(watch) the wild world programme every weekend for the past year

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1. is playing 2. plays 3. are going 4. go 5. visit 6. have been living 7. am visiting 8. have been knowing 9. am watching 10. watch 11. have been watching

если вы не изучали все временные формы,  в 6 ом и 8ом и 11ом лучше использовать past simple


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Составь предложения из данных слов:

1)Has, Ann , never , to , Tower , London ,of , been , before , the.
2)The , went , Browns , a , ago , week , to , south , the .

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Write complete sentences using the correct verb forms.

1) If / I / go / into town / I / buy / some /decorations
If I go into town,I'll buy some decorations.
2)Mum / help / me to make my costume / if / she / get / home early.
3)If / you / not be / careful / you / drop / those glasses.
4)I / not be able t / buy anything / if / the supermarket / not be / open.
5)Unless / your friend / get here / soon / he / miss / the procession .
6)We / have to / buy a cake / unless /Julie / decide / to make one.
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USE THE CORRECT TENSE FORMS OF THE VERBS IN BRACKETS! Срочно нужно( И подписать какие вы времена вставили(((

2.If he (not to come) soon I am not going to wait
3.I ( to be) very fond of Alice but I (not see) much of her lately
4.By the way I (to have) a little party here tonight
5.You ever (to be) to this picture gallery?- I (to be) here last year
6.What you (to look) for? - I (too lose) my purse and I want to find it before it (to get) dark
7.My grandmother (to come) to see us this weekend. She always (to bring) us nice presents
8.I have a car but I (not to use) it very often
9. Please don't make so much noise. I (to study) now. ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ПОМОГИТЕ(((

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1. Out in the verbs in brackets in the Simple Present or the Present Prjgressive

1)Andy sometimes...comics.(to read)
2)We never...TV in the morning.(to watch)
3)Listen! Sandy...in the bathroom.(to sing)
4)My sister usually...in the kitchen.(to help)
5)My mother...breakfast now.(to make)
6)They often...the bathroom.(to clean)
7)Look! The boys...home.(to come)
8)Every day his grandfather...for a walk.(to go)
9) I...with my friend at the moment.(to chat)
10)Cats...mice.(to eat)
Пожалуйста с переводом)

2. Put in the correct verb forms and the nouns into the gaps. Use Present Prjgressive.

Example:__________the newspaper? (he/to read)
ls he reading the newspaper?
1) in the lake?(Lisa/to swim)
2) your brother? (you/to help)
3)a museum?(he/to visit)
4) her T-shirt?(Doris/to wash)
5)home? (they/to run)
6)to the radio? (Henry/to listen)
7)the buckets? (the boys/to carry)
8)the string of the kite?(she/to hold)
9)brekfast? (we/to make)
10) the computer? (Ron and Fred/to check)
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Test I. Use the correct tense-forms of the verbs in brackets: 1. While the children (to play) football, the rain began to fall. 2. When we (to finish)

dinner, Susan took the dishes away. 3. We shall have supper when he (to come). 4. Tell me if you (to be) able to return by next Monday. 5. If you wash the dishes, you (to have) a chocolate. 6. I (to go) to London tomorrow. 7. The station-master knew what each passenger (to allow) to do. II. Choose the right article. 1. Have you heard the story of the two girls, who wanted to give ... Christmas present to ... friend but didn't know what to send? One of ... girls said, "Let's give her ... clock". "What's ... use of giving her ... clock?" said ... other. "She doesn't want that. She has got... clock. I think we ought to give her... book". "But", said ... first girl, "she has got... book, too, hasn't she?" 2. Ernest Hemingway is ... great American writer. His lather wanted him to be... doctor, but he became ... newspaper reporter. He took part in ... First World War which he described in ... novel "A Farewell to Arms". III. Circle the suitable preposition. 1. G.B.Shaw had lived in England (in, for, about) fifty years. English people had laughed (over, on, at) him and his plays. 2. I like to look (on, at, onto) the books on my shelves and to feel that I have my friends (round, about, among) me. 3. The rain is beating (at, on, onto) the windows. 4. I like to listen (---, to, on) the radio. IV. Circle the suitable pronoun. 1.1 haven't (much, many) time for study and that's why I have (many, much, few) mistakes in my homework. 2. Was there (something, anything) interesting in the paper yesterday? - No, there weren't (any, some, no) interesting articles in it. 3. Is this Mary's pen? - No, it is (my, mine). V. Circle the appropriate word I'd like to (tell, say) you something about Mr. Brown's house. He is an old friend of (my, mine) and I (had gone, went) to visit him about a week ago. I had to go (by, in) car. Mr. Brown was (happy, happily) to see me. (It, there) was a cold day and I was very pleased to see the bright lire (burn, burning) in the fireplace. VI. Put the words in the right order to make up a sentence. 1. room/ one/ there/ on / the/ was / a / side/ of/ piano. 2. fire/ we/ the/ down/ armchairs/ in / before/ sat. 3. which/ girls/ painted/ they/ the/ pictures/ to/ hoped/ sell. 4. lay/ the/ she/ window / near. 5. third/ studio/ floor/ old/ the/ was/ of/ on/ brick/ the/ house/ an. VII. Circle the right variant. 1. A: What do you say to a friend on his/her birthday? B: a) It's a pleasure. b) Many happy return of the day. c) The same to you. 2. A: Oh, Mr. Green, this is Miss Brown. B: a) How are you? b) How do you do? c) Very well, thank you. 3. A: Did you hear the news? B: a) It was good. b) They were good 4. It's time for dinner,… a) is it? b) isn't it? c) isn't there?

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