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срочно номер 9, вставить в пропуски слова

5-9 класс

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1. hobby
2. theatregeor
3. ballet
4. operas
5. free
6. galleries
7. museums


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Many Russians are religious people. The main church is the Russian OrthodoxChurch. It has survived during the hard times and now people speak about a rebirth of reli-gion in the country. New churches and cathedrals are built every year, old ones arerestored. But not all people in Russia belong to the Orthodox Church. There are other reli-gions too and there are a lot of people who are non-believers.

Напишите данные предложения еще раз, начав

с подлежащего, данного в скобках, и сделав все необходимые изменения.

переведите в косвенную речь следующие предложения: He said: I'm the best pupil of the class Nick said to me : Take another cup tea

Mother asked: did you finih writing the composition?

Bob said: don't tell him the secret John

I asked Nick : where is my favorite book?

Polly said: I will never wath this film

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приветик всем помогите с текстом нужно вставить в пропуски слова если не сложно переведите пожалуста ну я вас не прошу конечно можете и без перевода

пожалуста вставьте слова правда текст делили и мне дали серединку вот текст :

Whan I ...(get) to the top , I ....(have) a bird's - eye view of central London. I ... (be) lucky to have nice weather. It ...(be) great ! I ... (spend) 30 minutes on the Eye. I ... (admire) the city , its historical buildings and the famous Thames . I ...(take ) a lot of photos . I also ...(buy) some funny souvenirs in the shop below the London Eye : a model of red London bus and a black mug with the picture of the giant wheel.

Нужно вставить в пропуски слова.

I make friends 1)___ all of them. Usually we get 2) ___ well. Something we fall 3) ___ over little things but we make 4)___ quickly. We often get 5)___ and have a good laugh because we all have a good sense of humour. My friends are always there 6)___ me when I'm upset. They are loyal and I can always rely 7)___ them. And I am ready to help them, too, if they turn 8)___ me 9)___ help or advice. We care 10)___ one another and I'm sure that they will never betray me whatever happens.
Слова:with, on, out,for, up, on, for, about, to, for.

Помогите, Пожайлуста!!! Вставить вместо пропусков слова приведённые под цифрами. 1.Those cakes ..... fantastic. A are

smelling B smell

2.I ..... about sending her a letter.

A am thinking B think

3.He ..... as Aladdin at the local theatre until the end of the month.

A is appearing B appears

4.Thst dog ..... to be friendly.

A is seeming B seems

5.James and Matilda ..... a house in the country.

A are having B have

6.Are you ..... the show?

A enjoying B enjoy

7.Thst shirt ..... you really well.

A is fitting B fits

8.I ..... cold weather!

A am hating B hate

Вставьте место пропусков слова

We have a nice,comfortable house with all modern _____ . There is ______ water,_____heating and electricity there.There ____ a living roon,three bedrooms,and a kitchen there.I have my ____bedroom.There is a big window with bright red ____in the room.My desk is near the window.When I do my hovework,I can see beautiful flowers in the garden.In the room there is a bed and a big _____ for all my clothes.In the ______ of the room there is a comfortable armchair.I like reading books in the evening.Before there were no pictures in my room and now there ______ some colourful pictures on the wall.

вставьте в пропуски слова: boil, cut, put, peel, chop, add, slice, fry.

mushroom soup
_________ some potatoes and one carrot and __________ them into small pieces.
__________ some mushrooms and one onion.
___________ some water in a pan.
____________ the potatoes into the water.
____________ the mushrooms and the onion in the frying pan .
_____________ the mushrooms and the onion into the pan.
______________ the carrot.
______________some salt and pepper

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