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And the looking-glass always (23. answer) that the Queen (24. be). The Queen (25. not, expect) any woman or girl (26. become) as beautiful as the day,

5-9 класс

and (27. be) more beautiful than herself. The looking-glass always (28. tell) the truth. So as soon as the Queen (29. hear) she (30. be) the most beautiful lady in the king­dom she (31. feel) quite pleased.

But when seven more years (32. go) by the Queen (33. get) a dif­ferent answer to her usual question. The mirror (34. say) Snow White (35. become) the prettiest girl in the country. That unex­pected answer (36. make) the Queen pale. She (37. want) her ser­vant (38. take) Snow White away into the forest and (39. kill) her. Помогите, пожалуйста, нужно раскрыть скобки.

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And the looking-glass always  answered  that the Queen  was . The Queen  didn't   expect any woman or girl to  become as beautiful as the day, and to  be  more beautiful than herself. The looking-glass always told  the truth. So as soon as the Queen  heard  she  was  the most beautiful lady in the king­dom she felt  quite pleased.

But when seven more years went  by the Queen got  a dif­ferent answer to her usual question. The mirror siad  Snow White had  become the prettiest girl in the country. That unex­pected answer made  the Queen pale. She wanted  her ser­vant to  take Snow White away into the forest and  to  kill her.



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Помогите !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
расставить слова в нужном порядке и получить предложение. 1 )may, sugar, of, due, a, his, vitamin, not, using, deficiency, to, body,

efficiently, be, D

2)eat, helpes, so, fruits, vitamin, colds, citrus, of, C, lots, prevent

3)the, oil, is, source, fish, reliable, food, only

помогите, пожалуйста! Нужно выбрать и поставить в предожение один из глаголов: to tell, to recommend, to advise, to warn) ,

предложение тоже получается нужно немного преобразовать

Пример как делать

Исходное предложение: Listen to your child

Новое с выбранным глаголом:They recommended parents to listen to their child. еще пример: Really listen to your teenager,

новое будет: Psychologist advise parents to listen to their teenager

Вот так.. теперь собственно предложения:

1)Do not give advice that your teenager does not need


2)Provide your teenager with respect and support while giving up some of your control


3)Help you child to develop decision-making and problem-solving skills.


4)Prepare tour teenager to take care of himself or herself away from home.


5)Teach him or her to cook and to manage a budget.


6)Do not afraid to set limits on how much you can financially support your teenager. Psychologist.........

7)Try to be supportive and enthusiastic, even if your teenager often changes his or her mind.


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Mary worked in a office in London, and she usualy went out and hat lunch in a restaurant. She liked foreign food and often looked in the newspaper for

the names of new restaurants, because she enjoed going to them and eating new things. Sometimes she said, "I don't like this restaurant. I'm not going to have my lunch here often."

One dayshe saw the name of a new Greek restaurant in her newspaper, and she went there for lunch. It was very small, but it was clean and nice, and the food was good.

But then Mary found something hard in her mouth. She took it out. It was a button.

" Look here, waiter!" she said. " I've found this button in my food."

" Thank you, thank you!" the waiter answered happily. " I looked everywhere for it."

A. Answer these questions.

1. What food did Mary like?

2. Where did she go one day?

3. What did she find in her mouth?

4. What did she say then?

5. What did the waiter answer?

B. Whichof the answer to these questions are correct? Write the correct answers down?

1. Did Mary always go to the same restaurant?

a. No, she didn't.

b. Yes, she did.

2. Did she go back to a restaurant after the first time?

a. No, never.

b. Yes, always.

c. Yes, often.

3. Were did she find the names of new restaurants?

a. In a big city.

b.In a newspaper.

4. What did she find in her mouth one day?

a. A waiter's button.

b. Some hard food.

5. Was the waiter happy, or angry?

a. He was angry.

b. He was happy.

C. Write this the story. Put one word in each empty space.

This is Mary's brother. His 1.......... is George. He lives in the 2........... of Chicago and works in a small Greek 3................ there. He is a lot of people come and have 4.......... there, because the 5............ is good. Look at that man. He is 6............ some meat and reading his 7................ . He comes to this restaurant, because he works i an 8............ quite near here.

Помогите ппппппппллллллллллиииииииииииииз плиз пожалуйста очень надо до 23.00.

Shelley is a journalist on the Newsround website. 1) Read through Shelley’s answers to the questions below. Match the questions and the


1 What subjects did you like at school? _________________

2 What were your hobbies? _______________

3 Did you write only school stuff? _________________

4 When did you first think that you wanted to work in the media? ___________

5 What was your first job, and how did you get it? ____________________

6 What other jobs have you had? ________________

7 What is your advice to young people who want to get into journalism?

8 What do you enjoy about journalism? _________________

9 What’s the worst thing about working in journalism? ___________________

A It’s a great buzz; I like knowing stuff and then being able to pass it on to the audience. I really enjoyed that on radio and at Newsround I really like mak­ing stuff enjoyable and understandable for kids.

В I only liked English and Art, that was it. I hated everything else — I really did. History, Geography, sciences — I hated them all. But I loved English.

С I did hospital radio and I spent a lot of time going to see bands. I was heav­ily into music.

D I was trying to get into radio so I didn’t write a lot. I got my experience in hospital radio and then got work experience at the local BBC station and the local commercial station. That’s where I started writing for news bulletins.

E When I was about ten, I’m not sure why but mainly I was really into radio and loved listening to it. I wanted to be one of the news broadcasters and I found out that to get into radio news you had to be a journalist. My dad want­ed me to be a lawyer.

F I worked as a broadcast journalist on Red Rose Radio in Lancashire. I was doing some journalist work during the course. The editor I worked for told me that the editor of Red Rose was looking for a journalist, so it was an exam­ple of how important networking is.

G I have been a researcher on the Guinness Book of Records and I also worked at BBC local radio stations and commercial stations. I worked as a correspon­dent for a news service that puts bulletins on mobile phones. Now I work for the Newsround website.

H The worst bit about this work is the hours. It is shift work (работа no сменам): and I don’t think it will ever change.

I You have to be very keen and very confident because of all the competition. Get as much experience as you can by working in the areas that you are in­terested in. If you are not going to go to college then you have to get a lot of experience. It’s harder to work your way up but I know a lot of people who have done it. It’s another route.

"Mrs.Wigg !" said the thin lady. " No, thank you!I'm Miss Persimmon and am proud of it!" Jane and Michael looked at each other. They thought that Mr. Wigg

was a very special person if the lady was so glad not be Mrs. Wigg.

Jane and Michael followed Mary Poppins upstairs.

" Come in! And welcome !" called a loud voice from inside.

Mary Poppins opened the door and they came into a nice large room. There was a fireplace in the corner and in the middle of the room there was a big table with four cups, bread and butter, biscuits , chocolates and a large cherry cake.

" Nice to see you , " somebody said. Jane and Michael looked around but saw nobody.

" Oh, Uncle Albert- not again ! It's not your birthday , is it ?" Mary Poppins said and looked up. Jane and Michael looked up too and saw a round , fat man in the air . Indeed, he was sitting in the air and reading a newspaper.

"My dear," said Mr. Wigg , smiling down at them , " I'm very sorry , but it is my birthday ." he said , looking down at Jane and Machael.

" I can see you're a little surprised , " said Mr. Wigg . And indeed , their mouths were so wide open ! " You see, I'm happy sort of man . I can smile and laugh at everythings , " said Mr. Wigg.

21. There was a dock strike and the liner couldn't leave port. ~ The passengers ... (be) furious. 22. We went to a restaurant and had a very good dinner

for £3. ~ You ... (have) a very good dinner if you only paid £3. 23. I have just watered the roses. ~ You ... (water) them! Look, it's raining now! 24. That carpet was made entirely by hand. ~ It ... (take) a long time. 25. The door was open. ~ It ... (be) open. I had locked it myself and the key was in my pocket. 26. He said that he watered the plants every day. ~ He ... (water) them. If he had they wouldn't have died. 27. He came out of the water with little red spots all over his back. ~ He ... (be) stung by a jelly-fish. 28. We've sent for a doctor. ~
You ... (send) for him. I am perfectly well. 29. I've made two copies. ~ You ... (make) two. One would have been enough. 30. There was a terrible crash at 3 a.m. ~ That ... (be) Tom coming in from his party.

Yesterday I (1)(get) up at 7 а.m. That morning, I (2)(walk) to work. I (3)(not want) to go by bus because the sun (4)(shine) brightly and the birds

(5)(sing) merrily. While I (6)(walk) past the supermarket, I (7)(see) something strange. А man (8)(pass) me and he (9)(sing) а football song very loudly, on his own! He (10)(continue) for а few minutes. Then he (11)(meet) а friend and (12)(stop) singing. I (13)(turn) round the corner and (14)(see) а friend of mine. He (15)(stand) at а bus stop and (16)(wait) for а bus. He (17)(tell) me that we (18)(be) late. At that moment а bus (19)(come) and we (20)(get) on.
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