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Помогите нужно поставить в правильную форму USE THE VERBS IN THE APPROPRIATE TENSE (ACTIVE OR PASSIVE)

5-9 класс

1.I was about to print my report when i found out that somebody..........all the information on my computer.DELETE

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1.I was about to print my report when i found out that somebody......has already deleted....all the information on my computer.


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Напишите рассказ 10-15 предложений с использованием past continuous:

Writing Write about what you and your family were doing at seven o'clock yesterday evening.

At seven o'clock yesterday evening my Mum...

Скласти 6 речень із словами на вибір: aerobics alert at its best at its highest body clock depressed

go jogging


physical work


rise and fall



take a nap


ответить на вопросы. запишите краткие ответы

Hov long does a lessjn last in British and Russian schools?

What are the favourite colours for school uniforms in Britain?

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Помогите нужно поставить в правильную форму USE THE VERBS IN THE APPROPRIATE TENSE (ACTIVE OR PASSIVE)

4.if people had no internet,they..........live more/(COMMUNICATE)
5.Dont you think he........too addictedto the computer?(BECOME)
6.You never know what kind of people may get to it and how it can........by them.(USE)
7.The Internet......in the twentieth century.(INVENT)

поставьте в правильную форму слова. помогите очень надо..The Internet is important for people because it extends their (communicate) possibilities. We can

speak via the Internet, watch films, send ( inform) and shop. No wonder that people are becoming (addict) to the Internet.They often spend more time communicating online than talking to their real friends and families. At first glance, the virtual world seems to be a very safe place but it's not like that-it can be as ( danger) as a real world because it's created by people. In the virtual reality you can meet nice and honest people as well as evil and (deceit) ones. That's why we should be careful and (select) while searching for information and meeting new people on the Internet. поставьте в правильную форму слова. помогите очень надо..

`Use the verbs in brackets in the correct thense form.(нужно поставить глаголы в правильную форму). Помогите пожалуйста, очень надо :)

My mother (to buy) a nes suit last week.
How many books you (to read) this week?
Listen! Who (to play) the piano in the next room?
She (to go) to the University , when I (to meet) her yesterday.
She usually (to do) her homework at home , but now she (to do) it at the library.
Yesterday I (to buy) a new watch as I )to lose) my old one.
We should play the game in the open air if the weather (to be) better.
We (to catch) the train if we hurry up.
The patient (to be) better you had called the doctor much earlier.
They ( to translate) this text at the next lesson.

Друзья плиз помогите это THE COMPLEX OBJECT НУЖНО СРОЧНО НАПИШИТЕ СЕГОДНЯ. Rewrite the sentences in the Passive Voice 1/ We export this computer to

seventy different countries 2/ We opened the factory at nine o clock 3/ They send two million books to America every year 4/ We have invited all the students 5/ They posted all the letters yesterday Use the verbs in the correct form. 1/ Mice (be) also domestic animals. 2/ Your hair (need)cutting 3/ Your clothes (hang) on the chair 4/ Your advice (have) helped me greatly 5/ When the news (be)ower we ll go to bed. Перепишите предложения в пассивном залоге 1 / Мы экспортируем этого компьютера до семидесяти разных стран 2 / Мы открыли завод в девяти часам 3 / Они посылают двух миллионов книг в Америке каждый год 4 / Мы пригласили всех студентов 5 / Они размещены все буквы вчера Используйте глаголы в правильной форме. 1 / Мыши (быть) и домашних животных. 2 / Ваши волосы (потребность) резки 3 / Ваша одежда (зависает) на стуле 4 / Ваш совет (есть) мне очень помог 5 / Когда новости (быть) Ауэр мы пойдем в постель.

1. Future Simple (Indefinite) Заполните предложения по смыслу глаголами из списка, которые нужно поставить в правильную форму:work, borrow, remember,

take, know, talk, have, take, become 1. It __________ him an hour to get to school. 2. My friend __________ a doctor in two years. 3. She __________ in the library when she graduate from the Institute. 4. The grandfather __________ his umbrella if it isn’t raining. 5. Tom and Ann __________ a long conversation. They haven’t seen each other for a long time. 6. I wonder what they __________ about. 7. He __________ any money from his friend. He got his salary yesterday. 8. They __________ the result in a week. 9. I __________ this day all my life. 10. __________ you __________ again next year?

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