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Помогите нужно из вопросов сделать косвенную речь , можно использовать слова как: ask, wonder, want to know, inquirem doubt, etc

10-11 класс

1) Can it be true?
2) Will they manage it?
3) Are you waiting for me?
4) Can I wait here?
5) How long have you been here?

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1)She wondered if it could be true?
2)He asked Tom if they would managed with it?
3)I asked him If he was waiting for me very long?
4)Daniel wondered if he could wait there?
5)Susan wanted to know how long i had been there?


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. Поставьте глагол в нужное время: 1. Now Mr. Weston (to phone) to Consolidated Industries. 2. Mr. Weston (to have) problems with the spare parts. 3.

Next week Mr. Marsh (to contact) Mr. Weston.

Употребить соответствующую форму глагола:

1. They ... the problems during the conversation.

A. has settled

B. have settled

C. were settled

2. Mr Weston ... just to Mr. James Marsh.

A. has call

B. have called

C. has called

3. The spares ... to the Plant Installations Limited.

A. have arrived

B. were arrived

C. has arrived

1.At ten o'clock he telephoned again,saying that he --- (to change,changed,had changed) his mind.

2.Mr.Jackson departed upstairs on his errand,and immedialety returned with a message that Mr.Frogg --- (to see,saw,would see) Mr.Pickwick in five minutes.
3.We asked if there --- (to be,was) anything further that we --- (can,could) do for him
4.I invited them all to come and spend a week with me,and my cousin said her mother --- (to be,was,there) pleased to see them

Задание:Выберите нужную форму глагола

Вставьте общее слово

11.A) I was sitting at the next table to them so I couldn’t ____ overhearing their
B) My financial situation is pretty bad anyway, so this unexpected bill doesn’t
exactly ____.
C) I wish you wouldn’t _____ yourself to my CDs without asking me first.
12.A) They ___ to lose a lot of money if they are forced to close down their business.
B) He has treated me very badly for a long time and I think the time has come for
me to ___ up to him.
C) Rose is very selfish and she can’t ___ it when she doesn’t get her own way

2. Распределить прилагательные в три колонки по образцу: 1 2 3 nice nicer nicest modern; reasonable; many; more; dearer; best; most important; good;

worse, high; cheapest; light; less; more polite; higher; dear; most modern; bad; cheap; more important; little; better; important; highest; dearest; polite; worst; lighter; most polite; more modern; most reasonable; cheaper; most reasonable; most; least; lightest.

образуйте множественное число от следующих глаголов- a dress a blouse a suit a coat a skirt a cap a shirt

a family

a wife

a leaf

a watch

an uncle

a class

a potato

a kilo

a day

a worker

a pupil

a hobby

заранее спасибо!

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Change the sentences from direct into indirect speech and the sentences from indirect into direct speech.

1 . my sister asked me :" where have you put my wallet?"
2. the teacher asked me : ' is this text difficult ?"
3. she said to me :" give me your dictionary , please'.
4. he said to me :" i did it yesterday:.
5. he said that he would leave the next day .
6. she said that her name was Mary.

изменение предложения из прямой в косвенной речи и предложений от косвенных в прямой речи.
1 . моя сестра спросила меня :" куда вы положили мой кошелек?"
2. учитель спросил меня : " этот текст трудный ?"
3. она сказала мне :" дайте мне ваш словарь , пожалуйста".
4. он сказал мне :" я сделал это еще вчера.
5. он сказал, что он сможет выйти на следующий день .
6. она сказала, что ее имя было Мария.

Нужно преобразовать текст в косвенную речь. Помогите!

I had to lend my father enough money for a gallon of petrol, he had an interview for a job. My mother cut his hair and gave him a shave and told him what to say and how to behave. It is pathetic to see how unemployment has reduced my father to childish dependence on others. He is waiting to hear from Manpower Services.

Помогите, пожалуйста. Передайте вопросы в косвенной речи.

6, "Has the letter been typed?" the manager asked the secretary

10 "Сan we make up a team to play volley-ball?» the boys asked the instructor.

11. «Have your poems been published? I asked Mila

12. Do you know how to handle this new tape-recorder? asked the lab assistant.

13. «can I make a recording, please?» I asked the lab assistant.

14. «Has your brother graduated from the Institute? Nick asked Oleg.

15 «Are we going to have a meeting today?» we asked the secretary.

15. Did you take part in the seminar? I asked Helen.

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