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Помогите ответить на вопросы!!! Очень надо на завтра.Do you live in a village or in a city? Are there many block of flats in your neighbourhood? Do you

10-11 класс

live in a block of flats or in the house? What floor do you live on ? Are there nice parks in your neighbourhood ? Are you neighbours good people ?

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Do you live in a village or in a city?
I live in a city. 
Are there many block of flats in your neighbourhood?
Yes. There are some block of flats in my  neighbourhood. 
Do you live in a block of flats or in the house?
I live in a block on flats. And I feel myself so comfortable.
What floor do you live on ?
I live on the upper floors. So I can see the whole city.
Are there nice parks in your neighbourhood ?
Yes. There are some clean and fresh parks. I like spanding my free time there.
Are you neighbours good people ?
Yes. They are pretty nice people.


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