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Напишите пожалуйста 15 предложений (на английском) на тему: необычные традиции (можно про любую страну)

10-11 класс

Vip8383 22 нояб. 2014 г., 9:22:57 (6 лет назад)
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1) In Japan and Norway, there is a tradition to give bouquets of flowers with an even number. It is believed that if give an odd number, the remaining single flowers will be lonely.
2)In Germany, some families have preserved the tradition that on New Year all family members, regardless of age, climbed on chairs before the clock strikes 12. And with the last kick of all the "jump" in the New Year.
3)In eastern countries, the guest is always incomplete poured a cup of tea, and then all the time will add. But if you get tired of guest hosts, he poured a full cup of tea. When a visitor dopet tea, then he should leave.
4)In Mexico, in contrast to the Orthodox tradition, the dead celebrated Memorial Day in a big way. Relatives of the dead abundantly adorn the graves with flowers, presented quite a dead mother earth gifts, such as music CDs, clothing and jewelry. And in the evening arrange noisy parties. The main thing - no sorrow!
5)In Denmark, on New Year's made of porcelain beat door neighbors. Moreover, the neighbors never hurt, because glassware, as you know, beating on happiness.
6)If you find yourself visiting the Greek, then do not try to extol his house because he has to give all the things that you liked.
7)In one of the states of India a girl can get married, stay married for three days and then say goodbye forever to her husband. After that she can live as she wants, and freely choose their lovers.
8)In Thailand accepted pour water passers during holiday Crane Song. And this is not done out of malice, but rather as a wish of good luck.
9)In Kenya, a young husband after the wedding of one month should wear women's clothes and perform the duties of women. Then he will remember for a lifetime, that being a woman is not so easy!
10)In order to pay homage to the deity Murugan Hindu during the three-day festival Thaipusam do yourself a piercing. Moreover, they use no special earrings and rings and nails, hooks and just sharp pieces of iron. It begins with the first puncture, and then partying so addicted that just give light weight yourself from head to toe in different metal contraption.
Вот 10 предл, думаю сама 5 еще сделаешь) 


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