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1-4 класс

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Вам нужно просто прочитать и написать перечисленные слова

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лягушка мальчик из книги Тома Салли  утка Дэвид и девушка Жанна


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что такое many & much?
Напишите противоположности

Kind, comfortable, happy, friendly, importent.

Помогите пожалуйста.
как будет по Английски -5

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1) Read and write.(прочитать и записать)

we visited( visit) our grandmother last Sunday.
I.............. (talk) to my friend last night.
The children.......... (play) a game two hours ago.
I............... (phohe) Mark yesterday.
We........ (travel) to Spain last summer.
Sue........ (help) me with my homework yesterday.
We........ (paint) our house five days ago.
They........ (watch) a really good film yesterday.
2)Read and complete.(прочитайте и завершите)

Read and decide if the statements are true, false or nothing is known from the text

Maps were made long before reading and writing were invented. The earliest map that we know of is a cave painting on the Lascaux caves in France. The painting shows a part of the summer night’s sky 16500 years ago. Modern astronomers can still understand the night sky shown in the map. A four thousand year old map made by the Ba¬bylonians is still in existence. Many ancient map-makers thought that the world was flat, but explorers like Magel¬lan in the 15th century sailed around the world and helped to make better maps. Besides, measurements taken by satel¬lites show that our planet Is slightly pear-shaped. Satellites have also provided more accurate Information and have helped to see and map parts of the world that were lit¬tle known or never seen by humans before. Satellites have photographed the Amazon rainforest and have shown that the area the size of twenty football pitches is being cut down every minute. Pictures taken from space have also shown that one of the world's largest areas of inland water, the Aral Sea, has been shrinking very quickly. Modern satel¬lite maps show the effects of global warming and pollution and help us to understand the world around us better. More and more drivers nowadays rely on satellite navigation in their cars so the traditional road maps may not be around much longer.

Read and write the correct form.

In the classroom.
1 We 're learning (learn)English today.
2 We (listen) to the teacher.
3 The teacher (write) on the board.
4 I (read) my English book.
5 the school bell (ring).
6 Our teachet ( say) Goodbye'.
7 We (go) to the playgroung

Помогите пожалуйста нужен перевод:

Tom:Father,our teacher does not know what a horse is.
Father:Why do you think so,Tom?
Tom:You know,i drew a horse yesterday and showed it to the teacher.And he asked me what is was.
Harry:Will you be angry with a boy for somethind he didn t do?
Father:Of course,not.
Harry:Thats good.I didn t do my howework
Father:Bob,why don t you wash your fase?I can see what you had for breakfast this morning.
Bob:What was it?
Father:Eggs,I think .
Bob:No Sir.That was yesterday!
Mike:Tom, your father is a teacher and you cannot read and write.
Tom:Listen,Mike,your father is a dostor.And your little

brother has no teeth

LooK, read and write

This is a story about a 1)................. , Lycy, and
her dog. One day she was on the 2) ................... .There was a baby 3) .................... there! Lycu looked around for its mother. Lucy carried the baby 4) ...................... and walked a long way. The dog helped her to find the seal s mother benind a 5) ....................... .
She was very happy to see her baby again


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