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надо вставить в правильную форму 1.This student is ... (bright) in the school 2.This year i have ... (easy) subjects in my timetable than i had last year

5-9 класс

3.This student has ... (funny) nickname in the class 4.Our English lauguage teacher is ... (good) teacher in the world 5.For me Literature is ... (interesting) than maths ответы на вопросы пишите так например 1-bright но правильною форму

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1. This student is ... (the brightest) in the school
2. This year I have ... (easier) subjects in my timetable than i had last year
3. This student has ... (the funniest) nickname in the class
4.Our English language teacher is ... (the best) teacher in the world
5.For me Literature is ...


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Народ,кто знает английский переведите пожалуйста вот эти предложения. Только не нужно из переводчика,нужно,чтоб предложения были правильно построены.

Заранее спасибо:)

Больше всего я люблю жареные котлеты,но мне не очень нравятся котлеты на пару. Котлеты получаются вкуснее если в фарш добавить немного тертого картофеля и мелко нарезанного лука.

Помогите перевести вопросы не в русский язык , а в то, что я буду писать в скобочках ( общий , спец. и т.д.)1)W.Shakespeare died in 1616. -

перевести в общий и дать ответ.
2)Somebody is swiming in the river.- перевести в специальный и дать ответ.
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5)I have a lready read the news paper.- задать вопрос к подлежащему и дать ответ.

Why are you so afraid of bees?

Because I......(sting)by a bee when i was a little boy
Поставьте в Passive voice и скажите какое это время

вставьте пожалуйста слова в пропуски: annual,brass bands,catchy,romantic and sentimental , choral,classical, conductor, first nights , full houses , jazz

, opera houses , took place , was straged .
St Petersburg is known for its musical traditions. There are wonderful _______ like the Mariinsky Theatre. Its famous _________ Valery Gergiev organises the _______ Easter Festeval of ___________ music.The Mariinsky is famous for tht ________ of outstanding Russian operas like Life for the Tsar (or Ivan Susanin). the first Russion national opera.by Mikhail Glinka.It ________ in 1836.

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Many Russians like __________ . The famous Oleg Lundstrem big band was fouded in Shanghai,China, by Oleg Lundstrem and his brother Igor in the 1930s to Moscow. Their concerts have always been very popular and successful and they have often played to _________ .

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Закончить эти предложения, помещая прилагательное в скобках в сравнительную форму или превосходную форму

1) Maths is (difficult) than Science.
2) This pupil is (bright) in the school.
3) This year I have (many) subjects in my timetable than I had last year.
4) He has (funny) nickname.
5) Our English Language teacher is (good) than their English Language teacher
6) I think Literature and History are (interesting) subjects.

Помогите сделать инглишь вот задание: Сomplete the sentences with the verbs below in the correct from. Вот слова которые надо вставить: be, take, switch,

work, get, fly. Теперь предложения куда надо вставить слова: 1) Maria ......... of her MP3 player when she's at school. 2) Martha and Katie live far from their school, but they ........ on time for class every day. 3) You don't have to .............. part in the school performance if you don't want. 4) Ivan is an excellent student and always.....

Вставьте в правильной форме местоимение: 1. Don't take ... (my; mine) pen! Take ... (your; yours) 2. What was ... (your;yours) mother


3. ..... Farm is as rich as ... (our;ours;their;theirs)

4. This office is ... (their; theirs)

5.Those are Victor's books. The book are ... (mine;his;hers)

Помогите пожалуйста с английским, как я поняла, здесь нужно поставить в правильную форму глагол. 1.This church (to build) in the 16 century.

2. This room (to clean)yesterday

3. St.Paul's Cathedral (to destory) in the Great Fire of London.

4. Every summer musical festivals (to hold) in our town.

5. Rice ( to grow) in China.

6. This play (to write) by Oscar Wilde.

7. This room (to paint) last month.

8. Julia (to invite) to the cinema last night.

9. Coventry (to bomb) in the Second World War.

10. The lorries (to make) in Japan last year.

11. The new school (to open) last year.

12. A bicycle (to buy) for Andrew as a present last month.

13. It was winter and the ground (to cover) with snow.

14. The floor (to paint) last year.

15. George (to send) to America by his company in June.

15. A cup of coffee (to bring) by June.

16. The cars (to make) in the USA.

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