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Snake ,sing,start,train,hat,vet,video,travel,Vicky,window,we,what,tax.напишите транскрипцию к этим словам пожалуйста

5-9 класс

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( `siŋ ) 
( `sta:t )
( `trein )
( `hat )
( `vet)
( `vidiou )
( `windou )
( `wi: )
( `wot )
( `taks )


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Choose three correct sentences about Paul McCartney's


1) Paul used to like literature
at school very much.

In these sentences there are ho articles. Add a/an or the to make them correct.

1.This is house.It is house made of wood. 2.This is house that Jack built. 3.Your blouse is in washing machine.It will be ready for tomorrow's party. 4.What lovely dress!Are you going to wear it? 5.In good library there are always lots of children's books. 6. Story was so exciting that children could hardly believe their ears. 7.-Book looks very unusual. I haven't seen book like this before. -I'm not surprised.It's very old and expensive book. 8. I know man who lives in house.

Заполните пробелы используя There is, There are,Are there или Is there. ........a bookcase in me room. ........a wardrobe in your room? ........a TV and

a video at the window? ........books on the bookself? ........three rooms in my flat. ........four armchairs in the living room.

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Помогите надо по образцу сделать так же.

Образец:To run-бегать-ranner-бегун.Так же со словами:to swim,to sing,to teacher,to jump,to travel,to act,to dance,to write,to play.Плиз срочно 30 баллов;*


Надо прочитать интервью с путешественником. И нужно поставить вопросы (А-F) к
ответам ( 1-5)Один вопрос лишний.
A)what is good about travelling by land?
B)What do you love about travelling?
C)Do you like travelling?
D)What is your favourite king of transport?
E)What's the most beautiful place you've been to?
F)Do you always have a planned journey?
1)Yes! Ilove it! When i'm on the trip i start thinking about another and come back home just to get money to go on another journey.
2)At first i liked the opportiny to relax after all the rat races.But after i realised the joy of meeting new people and trying new activities.
3)Oh, it's a great opportiny to see and to feel all the air of travelling!It's a more natural way to travel. So from here, from the UK to Japan it'll take about 5 months!And that's great!
4)At the very beginning i have a very strong idea about where to go and what to do. But in reality things can be different: l can get an idea of that to do at once, so i don't book any tickets or hostels.
5)A frozen lake Baikal in Russia and walking on it ft night under a velvety-black sky packed with star, which was amazing, indeed.

Раскройте скобки употребив нужную степень сравнения прилагательного

1) Travelling by air is (expensive) way
2) Travelling by train is (slow) then travelling by plane
3) Travelling by air is (convenient) than travelling by train.
4) His office is situated (far) than his.

помогите 1. Вставьте артикли a/an, the, --.

How many bridges were there in… London at … beginning of … 11th century? Did you travel to … North?Do you like to travel by … plane or by … car?We had … wonderful time in … Windsor Safary Park?…Mr. West lives in … small town in … west of … England.Who went to … Bolshoi theatre … last Sunday?… Children’s theatre is in … centre of … Moscow.–Where is the … Red Square?
-It is in … the centre of … Moscow.
9. … St Pauls’s Cathedral is … biggest church in … Britain.
10. Let’s go to … South of … England.
2.Напишите разделительные вопросы.
The train doesn’t leave at 10 o’clock, …?They don’t listen to dialogues, …? He gather berries every summer, …?I haven’t been to Buckingham Palace, …?The writer didn’t publish this story, …?Londoners are proud of their parks, …?Children were in the gallery last week, …?

3. Напишите вопросы, начиная их словами данными в скобках.
I have been to London. (Have)Next summer Tom will go abroad. (Who)My friends are going to travel by plane. (How)The statue of Peter Pan is in Kensington Gardens.(Where)We visited the art gallery two days ago.(When)This film is worth seeing. (Why)
4.Переведите на английский язык.
В музее Мадам Тюссо есть восковые фигуры в натуральную величину.В музее кинематографии вы можете узнать об истории и волшебстве театра.В Лондоне есть несколько парков.Я всегда устаю от скучных уроков.Большинство парков в Лондоне бесплатны.Стоит посетить уголок оратора в Гайд парке.

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