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II. Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужную форму. 1. Yesterday he (visit) his grandmother. 2. There (be) a lot of snow outside. 3. She (like) scuba div

5-9 класс

ing. 4. Mark (think) that the Earth (be) dirty. 5. He (never/ see) underwater cities. 6. I hope we (have) traffic jams in the future. 7. What (you/ look) for? 8. Look! He (break) the glass. 9. A bride and a groom (dance) while the guests (eat). 10. She (seldom/ phone) her relatives. 11. (they/ wear) special suits? 12. I’m sure I (pass) my driving test. 13. (you/ have) a minute? 14. What (be) next? 15. We (take) a lot of nice pictures.

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1. Visited 

2. Was


4. Thought, was

5. Never saw

6. Had

7. You looked (вроде бы)

8. Broke

9. Dancing, eating(вроде бы)

10. честно признаюсь - не знаю

11. They wore

12. Passed

13. youhad, was, took

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1. Yesterday he visited  his grandmother.

2. There was  a lot of snow outside.

3. She likes scuba diving.

4. Mark thought  that the Earth was dirty.

5. He has never seen  underwater cities.

6. I hope we wouldhave traffic jams in the future.

7. What are you  looking  for?

8. Look! He has broken  the glass.

9. A bride and a groom were dancing  while the guests were eating.

10. She seldom phones her relatives.

11. Do they wear special suits?

12. I’m sure I would pass my driving test.

13. Do you  have a minute?

14. What will be  next?

15. We take a lot of nice pictures.








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Здравствуйте. Пожалуйста прошу Вас, помогите! срочно! Надо сделать 2 задания. №1 ( надо перевести слова на русский ) 1) farmland 2) Grasslands 3)

Wildland 4) great-grandpaents 5) canoe 6) endless 7) waterways 8) mighty 9) to rise 10) to streach 11) a shore 12) a desert 13) a chain 14) an attraction 15) mixture 16) to melt 17) a melting pot.

№2 И вот с этим же словами на английский, вставить их вот в эти предложения: 1) Rivers have always been used as important ... 2) A ... is a long, light, narrow boat, first used by American Indias. 3) What do children usually do on the ... ? 4)This tea is ... of three different sorts. 5) Disneyland is a place full of ... both for children and grown-ups. 6) At what temperature does uce ... ? 7) Do you know where the Miskva River ... ? 8) From the deck they could see a beautiful cottage on the .. of the sea. 9) There were some rocks on the eastern ... of the lake. 10) The ... was sandly and we often played there in summer. 11) The eagle flew up tp the sky on its ... wings. Спасибо Вам большое заранее!

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1)поставьте глаголы в нужную форму Present Simple, затем поставьте предложения в утвердительную, вопросительную и отрицательную формы.

1. We (to do) morning exercises every day.
2. They (to work) at a factory.
3. He often (to stay) after dinner.
2) Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Future Simple. Поставьте предложения затем вопросительную и отрицательную форму.
1. Alice (to sell) soft toys for her sister in 2 weeks.
2.He (to create) a snowman.
3. Ann (to built) a



Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужную форму. (Present Simple Active or Past Simple Active). Предложения 2, 3, 9 поставьте в отрицательную


1. Paul (to learn) English last year.

2. Professor (to deliver) a lecture yesterday.

3. Ann (to speak) German very well.

4. I never (to drink) coffee.

5. The swimming pool (to open) at 9 a.m. and (to close) at 6 p.m.

6. What time the bank (to close) in Britain?

7. I (to play) the piano, but I (not to play) very well.

8. Water (to boil) at 100 degrees Celsius.

9. I usually (to go) to work by car.

10. The moon (to go) round the Earth.

раскрыть скобки,поставить глагол в

раскрыть скобки,поставить глагол в правильную форму.и перевести.
the documents (to check) at the passport control area.
my salary(to pay) into my account.
these souvenirs (to make) by hand.
in this supermarket a 10 pen cent discount (to give)to regular customers.
a iot of money (to spend) on advertising last year.
new computers(to deliver)to the shop tomorrow.
the scientist (to award) the nobel prize for his discovery.
our clients (to invite) to the trade show next month.
these problems (to discuss) at the meeting yesterday.


1. Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужную форму в Past Simple.

1) When I _______ in Manchester, I ______ in a bank. (live, work)

2) The police _____ me on my way home last night. (stop)

3) What ___ you ___ at the week-end? (do)

4) I _______ enough money to buy anything to eat. (not have)

5) We all _____ the party at 10 p.m. (leave)

6) I _____ the party very much. (enjoy)

7) When ___ Mr Edward ___? (die)

8) They _______ come because they _____ very busy. (not be able to, be)

9) She _____ her exams because she _____ very hard. (pass, study)

10) Yesterday I _____ to Birmingham to see a friend of mine. (go)

2. Раcкройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужную форму страдательного залога.

1) The house _______ in 1930. (build)

2) The new hotel _______ next year. (open)

3) If you kicked a policeman, you would _______. (arrest)

4) Many accidents _______ by dangerous driving. (cause)

5) During the night we _______ by a noise. (wake up)

6) Her new novel probably _______ into a number of foreign languages. (translate)

7) I ___ often ____ to parties. (not invite)

8) His car _______ last year. (not use)

9) How ___this word ___? (pronounce)

10) I think this dish _______ by children. (not eat)

3. Вставьте by или with.

1) This sweater was knit ___ my grandmother.

2) Have you ever been bitten ___ a dog?

3) The cheese was grated ___ a grater.

4) The paper was cut ___ a pair of scissors.

5) The task was given ___ our boss.

6) The poem is written ___ a pencil.

7) This tower was damaged ___ strong tornado last year.

8) These windows were broken ___ a stone.

9) The novel will be written ___ a new author.

10) The tree has just been broken ___ that car.

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Which is ___ best hotel in this town?

a) a b) the c) – d) most

2. My dictionary is on ___ top shelf on ___ right.

a) the, the b) a, a c) the, – d) -, -

3. Do you want ___ apple or ___ banana?

a) a, a b) the, the c) an, a d) -, -

4. There was ___ interesting program on TV ___ last night.

a) the, - b) an, - c) -, the d) an, the

5. I’ve got ___ good idea.

a) - b) any c) the d) a

6. I don’t like _____ coffee without _____ milk.

a) -, a b) a, - c) the, the d) -,-

7. Don’t buy rice. We don’t need ___.

a) any b) him c) some d) one

8. I’m thirsty. Can I have ___ water, please?

a) any b) a c) some d) –

9. Do you know where___ Kalahari desert is?

a) a b) an c) the d) –

10. _____ Italian is a very beautiful language.

a) the b) an c) a d) –

11. I have known _____ Simpsons for _____ long time. They are _____ good people.

a) -, a, - b) the, a , - c) the, -, - d) -, a, the

12. _____ Spaniards talk rather quickly and expressively.

a) - b) an c) a d) the

13. He is at _____ loss when it comes to his son.

a) the b) a c) an d) –

14. You won’t go to the night club. It is out of _____ question.

a) the b) a c) - d) an

15. It was _____ love at _____ first sight.

a) - , - b) the , the c) a, a d) -, the

16. There is a gentleman in the hall _____ wants to see you.

a) who b) whose c) which d) whom

17.The book _____ is on the desk is not hers.

a) whose b) who c) which d) what

18. It’s the most interesting film _____ I have ever seen.

a) who b) that c) what d) whom

19. I could see him through the key _____.

a) whole b) hall c) holl d) hole

20. I stopped _____ buy some milk.

a) two b) too c) tow d) to

21. Which of the following words is odd?

a) clever b) stupid c) intelligent d) witty

22. Which of the following words is odd?

a) polite b) kind c) well-mannered d) rude

23. I don’t like ________. They always mock someone or something.

a) mockers b) mockors c) mockists d) mocksion

24. Find the best translation for the sentence: «Как насчет того, чтобы пойти в кино? »

a) How for going to the cinema?

b) How of going to the cinema?

c) How as for going to the cinema?

d) How about going to the cinema?

25. I _____ to escape from prison but he _______.

a) tryed, not managed b) tried, wasn’t manage c) tried, didn’t manage d) tried, didn’t managed

26. Rewrite the following statement into a question. – “She saw Mr Parker in the park the other day.”

a) Who did she saw in the park the other day?

b) Who she saw in the park the other day?

c) Who did she see in the park the other day?

d) Who saw she in the park the other day?

27. The text _______ yesterday but it _______ tomorrow.

a) wasn’t translated, will translated

b) wasn’t translated, will be translated

c) didn’t translated, will do translated

d) wasn’t translating, will be translating

28. Why ___ their child _____ after by a babysitter?

a) is looked

b) looked is

c) is looking

d) is look

29. His hand was bandaged ______ a braid.

a) by

b) in

c) from

d) with

30. The dress was ironed _____ my sister.

a) with b) from c) by d) on

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