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5-9 класс

Rasimovaa 10 апр. 2013 г., 16:04:35 (9 лет назад)
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10 апр. 2013 г., 16:34:48 (9 лет назад)

мой вариант: 1, the не надо 2. поставить the вместо a 3.убрать an 4.вместо nothing вставить something 5.вместо hairs вставить hair 6.вместо thousands вставить thousand 7.должо быть is а не isn't 8. должно быть knows 9.took вместо didn't take 10.didn't вместо hadn't

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10 апр. 2013 г., 17:59:49 (9 лет назад)

ueben se bitte/
Bi forever fllone


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William the Conqueror was England's the first Norman king. Before that he was the Duke of Normandy in northern France, the most powerful lord in the land. When William visited England in 1050 he was promised the throne of England by his relative Edward the Confessor, king of England. But when Edward died chidless in 1066, Harold, Edward's brother-in-law, didn't help William to become king but crowned himself King of England. William quickly set about invading England to seize the crown for himself. William defeated Harold's Anglo-Saxon army at the Battle of Hastings. By 1069 the Normans had conquered a third of England and William had become the greatest ruler in western Europe. William's descendont's ruled England for many years.

Написать на английском языке предложения:

1. Сейчас мне эта книга нравится больше.
2. Я сейчас готовлю (еду).
3. Я смотрю на тебя и не вижу тебя. (to look at, to see)

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In your OPINION who/which is:
1.The most attractive actress?
2.The most success musician?
3.The best tradition dosh?
4.The wors romance TV series?
5.The most style outfit?
6.The most care mistake you`ve made this week?
7.The most optimism friend of yours?
8.The most educate person you know?
9.The best thing to do on a rain day?
10.The most bore film you`ve ever seen?
11.The least enjoy holiday you`ve ever had?
12.The most horror food you`ve ever tasted?

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Очень срочно!Помогите!Дам 20 баллов!

Нужно простенькое объяснение(на английском языке) на тему:Почему Хэллоу Китти не Кот, а девочка.По материалу что дан на этом сайте в 1-ом параграфе:http://www.breakingnewsenglish.com/1408/140831-hello-kitty-4.html
Пожалуйста,очень надо!


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Net Generation students infamous for theirs multitasking skills and short attention spans. Growing online up, they're trained to quickly and simultaneously consume and process information from multiple media sources — and to ignore anything "boring" or otherwise uninspiring.
The Net Generation quickly shifts attention from one project to the next, always putting a high priority on speed. Sometimes that speed come at a cost. Educators and researchers have find that the Net Generation lacks depth in its research and critical skills.

Research shows that Net Generation college students are strong visual learners and weakest textual learners. One study examined a library class at California State University - Hayward, where students frequently ignored lengthy text directions for homework assignments. When the assignments been rewritten using images first, student scores increased.

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