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Помогите с англ.очень срочно

10-11 класс

Перевод не нужен
Упр 8;9;11 стр 95-96

Sashasidor23 30 марта 2014 г., 17:51:53 (7 лет назад)
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1) finishing – герундий (Gerund)


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раскрыть скобки используя пассивный и активный залог.

1.lenin's centenary (to celebrate) by all prpgressive humanity in 1970/
2.we (to finish) our experiment in a week.
3.the delegatoin of foreign workers(to meet) at the station yesterday.
4.young trees (to plant)last autumn.
5.this question not (to discuss) at the conference.
6/i (answer) my brother's letter last week.
7.pushkin and lervontov (to lieve) in the 19 centuary.
8.people (to gight) for peace.
9.peace (to fight) fot by all people all over the world.
10.heat and light (to give) to us by the sun.
11.i (use) filk songs in my composition.
12. the letter (sent) eysterday)?
13.chemically pure water never (to meet) winh in everyday life.
14.the production of our industry( to increase) from year to year.
15.not much attention (to pay) to the living conditions.

Нужно поставить глагол в нужную форму!!! 1) Hurry up! Everybody (wait) for you. 2) "You (watch) TV?" No, you can turn

it off.

3) What you usually (do) at weekends.

4) The Volga (flow) into the Caspian Sea

5) I`m tired. I (go) to bed now. Goodnight!

6) This train is never late. It always (leave) an time.

7) Who is this man? What he (want)?

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Я уже второй раз прошу....Помогите........Пожалуйста помогите......мне надо очень срочно...Я буду очень благодарна.....1. Я познайомився з ними ними минуло

го року.2. Його не так легко загнати у глухий кут.3. Чим покрита підлога у твоїй кімнаті? 4. Вікно вашої кімнати виходить у сад, чи не так? 5. Ця нова скатертина дуже гарна, правда? 6. Де відбувалися XXVII Олімпійські ігри?- У Сіднеї.7. Географічний центр Європи розташований в Україні, чи не так? 8. 28 червня ми відзначаємо День конституції України.9. У Києві багато вищих навчальних закладів.10. Кияни пишаються своїм містом.11. Англійська мова- найпоширеніша на Землі. Нею користуються у всіх країнах.12. Є американський, канадський та австралійський варіанти англійської мови.13. Клімат Великої Британії відрізняється від нашого

Помогите пожалуиста нужно очень срочно Insert the definite or indefinite article where necessary: 1. There are three… theatres and… opera-house in my

home town. 2. I generally take the bus when I get about… town. 3. .. bus lines in our city connect … centre with suburbs. 4. Wen I go to… institute I most often use… second bus line. 5. Is there… good library in your home town? 6… chief adornment of …city is … opera-house. 7. My… friends live in Odessa in… Lenin Street. There is… trolley bus running along …street. …Lenin Street crosses… main street… of city,… Deribasovskaya Street. 8…. name of… river that flows through… Leningrad is… Neva. It is… beautiful river with …granite embankment and …five bridges… parks and… squares of… Leningrad are really picturesque… population of… city plant… flowers in… squares. 9. Moscow is the capital of… USSR. It is… large cultural centre of our… country. You can find many… institutes, …mills and …factories there …University is …multistoried building with… lecture halls,… libraries,… laboratories and… rooms for… students. 10... tram No.4 will take you to… Central Post Office. 11. He usually goes to his home town by … air.

помогите перевести текст очень срочно

In some countries such as France (where there are 9 jurors), the judgesand jurors decide the case together. In the United States juries decide if the defendant is guilty but sometimes also have a say in what punishment he should receive. Before World War II, Japan also had a jury system, but it was often criticized for the ease with which jurors could be bribed. Now Japan, like South Korea, is a rare example of a modern industrialized coun­try where jurors are not used: all decisions are made by professional judges.

Most countries have special rules for young defendants. Children un­der ten cannot stand trial at all under English law. Juveniles (those under seventeen) are dealt with in special Magistrates Courts known as Juvenile Courts.

A defendant found guilty by the magistrates may appeal against the find­ing or against the punishment to the local Crown Court, and the CrownСourt judge will hear the appealwithout a jury. If a defendant has good reason to believe the magistrates have made a mistake about a point of law, then he may appeal to the High Court.The appeal system is mostly for the benefit of the defendant, but there are cases of the prosecution successfully appealing for a more severepunishment. In Japan it is even possible for the prosecution to appeal that a non-guilty decision be changed to guilty.

Appeals from the Crown Court go first to the High Court and, in spe­cial cases, to the Court of Appeal. Occasionally, a case is carried through this system of appeal all the way to the House of Lords.

In many countries, such as Japan and United States, the highest jurid­ical decisions are made by a Supreme Court.Its members are appointed from the lower courts by the government

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