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Say what tourists do usually / often / sometimes when they visit aSay what tourists do usually / often / sometimes when they visit a new country of

1-4 класс

town Сказать то, что обычно делают туристы / часто / иногда, когда они посещают другую страну города look raund the town, stay in a hotel, take photos, buy a map of the place, see as many sights as possible, visit meseum, go to the theatre in the evening, walk in the parks, go on a boat, send postcards, go shopping, buy souvenirs, call friends, send text messages (SMS), enjoy traditional meal in cafes, have a good time

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Tourists often stay in a hotel and send postcards to their friends or relatives. Next day, they always look round the town. Some tourists try to see as many sights as possible. They visit museums and theatres, parks and  cafes. Tourists can buy souvenirs. But everyone want to have a good time


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Нужен точный перевод. Заранее спасибо.

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