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Короткое сочинение про животного 4-5 предложений

5-9 класс

ZverG 10 окт. 2013 г., 20:17:47 (10 лет назад)
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10 окт. 2013 г., 21:00:50 (10 лет назад)

на английском?

Me favourite animals are dogs.In my opinion they are the cleverst animals in the world. And of course they are very loyal. dogs never forget their owners and always ready to help them or even save from dangers that are everywhere in our lives. also dogs are good companions for blind or deaf people. all in all I think they are the best animals which I can imagine.  


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Как будет читаться с анг на русс яз напишите плиз the desert - a prizodny zone where is sand clay animals.в deserts there live camels of a snake scorpions

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Задать 5 видов вопросов к предложениям и плюс отрицательный .

1.The books transported her into new worlds.
2.I have tried that book for years.

1.Tomorrow they ... yellow and red leaves in the autumn forest. a)collect b)will collect c)collected 2.Look!The children...

a)play b) played c) are playing

3. She ... not decorate her room yesterday

a) does b) did c) will

4. I... this fairy tale recently

a)read b) have read c)will read

5. We ... to the music at the moment

a)are listening b)have listened c) listen

6. His little sister usually ... care about their pets

a) is taking b) took c) takes ПОЖАЛУЙСТА

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