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Передайте предложения в reportes speech 1`He`s a hero!`shouted the people 2`Aza isn`t a spy`said Lela

5-9 класс

Lizi78 11 окт. 2015 г., 1:45:06 (8 лет назад)
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11 окт. 2015 г., 2:17:30 (8 лет назад)

The people shouted he was a hero. (Возможен вариант: The people shouted he is a hero)

Lela said Aiza wasn't a spy.

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11 окт. 2015 г., 3:25:14 (8 лет назад)

1. People shouted that he was a hero.

2. Lela said that Aza wasn't a spy


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