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complete the phrasal verbs wirh the preposition:

10-11 класс

1. Paul should children's books, he's always making ....stories for his kids .
2. I can't wait for Spielberg's new film to come ...
3. They talk... Computers all the time
4. They film is about a boy who runs ... From home .
5. I've checked ... Everything on the list so we can finish shopping now.

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11 Вставьте still, yet or already

1) Are you in the same job?
2) He is seventeen, but he is married.
3) 9 am. and it is dark!
4) 4 p.m. and it is dark!
5) Look, it is raining.
6) Our old car runs Ok.
7) Is the rice cooked?
8) Is she in that little flat?
9) Why are you in bed?
10) I am bored with my new job.
11) It is not time to stop.

Помогите плиииз...оч надо..
5. Выберите правильный вариант из двух, предложенных в скобках.

1. I would like (some, any) water, please?
2. There are (some, any) policemen in the police station.
3. Do you have (some, any) brothers or sisters?
4. (Some, any) man would like to have such a beautiful car.
5. I have (some, any) good news for you.

помогите с переводом

4. Most writers choose short names, or "tags". Some famous ones are Seen,
Ewoke, and Kaws. A simple one-color tag, called a "throwup", may take just a few minutes to paint. More colorful works of graffiti called "pieces", can take hours or days to finish.

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1)Complete the text with the passive form of the verbs in the box.


Thousand og young people apply to take part in this programme.They send video tapes to the producers and a group of them (1) ____ to take part.During the series,they live in a castle,where they (2) ____ to sing and dance.They (3) ___ not ___ to speak to their friends or family and every moment of their life in the castle (4) ___. Their lives (5) ___ on TV every evening and,on Saturday,there is a special show. A famous TV star (6) ___ on the show and one of the contestants sings a song with him or her. At the end of the programme, there is a vote and one person (7) ___ home.At the end of the series,the winner is (8) ___ a contract to make an album.

2)Choose the correct verb form to complete the sentences.
For Love or Money
1.This programme showed/was shown on American TV for the first time in 2003.
2.In this programme,fifteen women tried/were tired to win the heart of a rich young man.
3.In the first episode,the women learnt/were learnt that there was also a prize of $1 million.
4.The women told/were told to keep the prize a secret from the young man.
5.The man and the women took/were taken to different Californian cities to go out on dates.
6.At the end of each week,one woman left/was left in the show.
7.In the final show,the last woman told/was told she must choose between the man and the money.

Use these verbs in the correct form and complete the sentences Go,

use these verbs in the correct form and complete the sentences
Go, see, watch, do, work, listen, want.
1.I... to make a cake. Have you got four eggs?
2.We... to the theatre.Do you want to join us?
3. I can not call mother now. She... TV.
4.Where is Sam?-He... on the computer.
5.Plese be quiet. I... my homework.
6.I can not find my book.- Oh, I... it. It is under your bed.
7. What is this noise?- Jack... to his favourite music.

Пожалуйста помогите, прям очень-очень срочно!))) Заранее спасибо) Complete the sentences . Use the negative form of the


Example: We had talks on Tuesday but we didn't discuss the terms of payment.

1.I looked through some newspapers but I ...

2.I went to the bank but I ...

3.We met out suppliers but we ...

4.The businessmen discussed the prices but they ...

5. The manager received some catalogues but he ...

6.Mr Blake was busy on Thursday but he...

7.I spoke on the phone with my (sister) but I ...

8. The director went on business to New York but he ...

9. The children watched TV in the afternoon but they...

Complete the sentences.Indicate the time.

1. Our company made some contracts ...

2. I left the office ...

3. We invited some friends to dinner ...

4. Mr Blake visited Moscow...

5. We stayed at home and watched TV...

6. There were some terrorist acts in Russia ...

7. My friend played football (tennis, voleyball) when ...

8. I went out for lunch ...

Complete the text with the present simple or present continuous forms of the verbs in brackets and translate.

Population (mean) _______ the number of people who live in a particular area. The population of the world (not stay)_________ the same. At the moment it _______ (grow) at an increasing rate. ln fact, scientists d (believe) that the world population will increase until 2200, and then stop growing. However, things are not the same in all parts of the world. At present in many Western industrial countries the population (fall)___________. This (happen) ________ because families are small, and health conditions are good. In developing countries, on the other hand, the population (rise) ____sharply. In Ghana, for example, most families (have)______several children. Many children in Ghana(die)_____ from illness, so it is important to have lots of children. They earn money for the family and (look after) ______their parents in old age.
Complete the text with it or there in each space.
Tropical forests grow near the Equator where ____ is warm and wet. ______are only two seasons, rainy and dry. ______ is normally 20-25°C in a tropical forest and _____is only a drop of about 5°C in the coldest months. _____is a lot of rain, on average more than 200 cm per year._____ is poor soil, and ____ is difficult for plants on the forest floor to develop, as tall trees (25-35 meters) block the light. ______are many plants, birds, animals and insects. _____are different kinds of tropical forests with different kinds of trees. ______ depends on the temperature and the amount of rainfall.

Помогите сделать упр. !!!! срочно!!! Exercise 1 Complete the dialogue using the words in brackets in the correct form

Ann: Why(you/not/finish) your homework and come to watch TV(1)?

Bill:Because I(not/understand) it. It is too difficult(2).

Ann: Why (you/not/ask) your teacher to epxplain it(3)?

Bill:Because I(not/like) him (4).

Ann: And why (you/not/like) him(5).

Bill: well, he (always/shout) at me(6).

Ann: Why (he/shout) at you (7).

Bill:Well, I (not/do) my homework (8)

Ann; Well, no wonder he (shout) at you(9). Give me your book now.We'll try and do it together

Exercise 2 Complete the sentences with time expressions from the list

at the moment every day always

tonight never now

1. She ... eats meat. She is a vegetarian 2.Mother is baking a cake .... . 3.They're going to a party ... .4 She goes to the swimming pool on Saturday 5 He cycles to his frend ....6. He is playing the drums ... .

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