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On Tuesday we climbed the mountain. задать вопросы.

5-9 класс

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When did we climb the mountain?


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Complete the questions with tag endings.

Помогите пожалуйста!!!

What are these holidays
Just when the lions reached Westminster Bridge, Big Ben struck twelve.

“I’ve got a great idea,” said Susan.

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поставить в будущем времени.On Tuesday I got up at half past six. I went to the bathroom and washed my hands and face and cleaned my teeth. Then

I dressed, went to the kitchen and cooked breakfast for my family. At half past seven my son got up and had breakfast. I had breakfast with my son. My son ate a sandwich and drank a cup of tea. I didn't drink tea. I drank coffee. After Breakfast my son left home for school. I didn't leave home with my son. On Tuesday I didn't work in the morning. I worked in the afternoon. In the evening I was at home. My husband and my son wereat home, too. We rested in the evening. My son watch­ed TV, my husband read newspapers and I did some work about the house. At about eleven o'clock we went to bed.

Here are some opinions of British and American Internet users on the roie of the media in people’s life. Can we trust the media? For questions

1-9 choose the best answer: a, b, or c. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Every day we read (0) b and magazines. Every day we watch television news

broadcasts and hear short news reports (1)_________ Every day we are influenced by

(2)_______ People consider it to be a way of getting (3) _________________ information.

The US (4)______ has always provided people with the facts. But are we, the gen­eral audience of the United States, (5) ______ all sides of issues? Are we, the US

newspapers and (6)_________ , always told about both sides of the problem?

Or does one side get more (7)________ and a more positive attitude from the media?

I think that American journalism (as well as any other journalism (8) _____________ )

should give all views equal coverage. All views should be given (9) _____________ to be


0 a )the press b) newspapers с) news

1 a)and the radio b) on the radio с) on radio

2 a) the media b) the medium с) media

3 a) original b) truthful с) intellectual

4 a) network b) press с) newspapers

5 a) watching b) reading с)seeing

6 a) magazines readers b) magazines and readers с) readers’ magazines

7 a) press b) coverage press с) press coverage

8 a) worldwide b) over the world с)overseas

9 a) people a chance b) us a chance с) a chance

ПЕРЕВЕСТИ ТЕКСТ В ПАСТ СИМПЛ!!On Saturdays we usually clean our house. We sweep the pats in the garden. Then we have dinner together. After dinner

we go to the zoo. I'm happy. I feed the ponies there, I giver them apples. They are happy. In the evening we watch TV. On Saturdays we visit our grandparents. Sometimes we have a picnic in there garden. We eat tasty meat and play with the dog.


Поставьте предложения в вопросительной форме 1. We used different apparatus for conducting an experiment. 2. They put a burning match at

the top of the flask.

3. The students need some metals and acids for the experiment

4. I went home after the lesson.

5. Last year I was a pupil

6. We weighed substances on the scales

Задайте вопрос к выделенным словам

1. Our group conducted an experiment at the last lesson.

2. We mixed different substances at the lesson.

3.The students weighed the substances on the scales.

4. My friend recorded the yield of a reaction at the lesson.


1.Переведите предложения и поставьте их в вопросительную (общий вопрос) и отрицательную форму

-She is cleaning the room now
-The new novel well be written by him soon.
-He is the most successful manager in the company.
-The sun was shining brightly the whole day.
-He was asked to go for the doctor
.-They were climbing the mountain until they reached the peak.
-They were speaking loudly when I passed by.
-The students were told very important news.

2.Обращая внимания на подчёркнутые слова , определите на какие вопросы даны следующие ответы?
-No, I wasn"t waiting for you yesterday
-My son was playning chess wiyh his friend when I came home yestarday.
-Yes, we"ll be writing a letter at 5 tomorrow.
-My sister was paying for new coat when I came into the shop.
-Mrs. White is preparing for deaparture.

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