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Помогите очень надо!!!!!!!!!!

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What did Alex do yesterday?
When will Simon water flowers?
Did Mag took photos of her family last Sunday?


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Помогите вставить предлог .Colin is going to .... a lot in the sea.He is going to ... some new friends. He is going to .... volleyball. He is going to

.... a good film in the evening. He is going to ... some nice food in the the cafe. He is going to ... breakfast in bed.He is going to ... his car to the sea and back home.Colin is going to ... his weekend at the sea very much.

Выберите правильный ответ. 1 Stella liked her job in London and she is hoping to find same sort of job in Newcastle. a) the; b) this;


2 Lake Erie is one of the five Great Lakes in North America.

a) -; b)the; c)a.

3 What nice child!

a) the; b)-; c)a.

4 Who can give me right answer?

a) the; b)a; c)-.

5 His daughter caught cold the other day.

a) -; b)the; c)a.

Перевод текста с глаголами правильной формы A clever bird (come) to a house in the country because she wanted to have breakfast. She (run) from

one room to another and suddenly she (see) a big black cat. The cat (jump) and (catch) the bird. “Now I can have a nice breakfast,” the cat (say).

“You can’t have breakfast now,” said the bird, “you must wash. The farmer and his family always (всегда) wash their hands before breakfast. You live in their house and you must do what they do.”

“All right,” the cat (say). “I live with a farmer and in his house, and I must do what they do.”

And the cat opened his mouth and (begin) to wash. But when he (be) clean and (want) to begin his breakfast, he did not find the bird. The clever little bird (be) in the garden in a tall tree. She was happy and (begin) to sing.

“Now I see,” the cat (say). “I must wash. but I must wash after dinner.” And now all cats wash after dinner.

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