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This is the key This is the key of the kingdom: In that kingdom there is a city. In that city there is a town. In that town there

5-9 класс

is a street.

In that street there is a lane.

In that lane there is a yard.

In that yard there is a house.

In that house there is a room.

In that room there is a bed.

On that bed there is a basket.

In that basket there are some flowers.

Flowers in a basket.

Basket on the bed.

Bed in the room.

Room in the house.

house in the yard.

Yard in the lane.

Lane in the street.

Street in the town.

Town in the city.

City in the kingdom.

Of the kingdom this is the key. помагите я не в ладах с английским можите написать как читаеться по русски на пример Dog -дог прошу

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Зыс из зэ кэй.

Зыс из зе кей оф зэ киндом.

Ин зэт киндом зэриз (there is) э сити.

Ин зэт сити зэриз э таун.

Ин зэт таун зэриз э стрит.

Ин зэт стрит зэриз э лэйн

Ин зет лэйн зэриз э яд.

Ин зет яд зэриз э хауз.

Ин зет хауз зэриз э рум.

Ин зет рум зэриз э бэд.

Он зет бэд зэриз э баскет.

Ин зэт баскет зэра (there are) сам флауэрс.


Флауэрс ин э баскет.

Баскет он зэ бэд.

Бэд ин зэ рум.

Рум ин зэ хауз.

Хауз ин зэ яд.

Яд  ин зэ лэйн.

Лэйн ин зэ стрит.

Стрит ин зэ таун.

Таун ин зэ сити.

Сити ин зэ киндом.

Оф зэ киндом зыс из зэ кей.




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In that city there is a town

In that town there is a street

In that street there is a lane

In that lane there is a yard

In that yard there is a house

In that house there is a room

In that room there is a bed

In that bed there is a basket

In that basket there are some flowers

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