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Change the sentences into the Passive Voice1. Someone told us a very funny story yesterday. 2. Thepeople gave him a hearty welcome. 3. They haveoffered my

5-9 класс

brother a very good job. 4. Thesecretary didn't tell me the exact time of my appointment. 5. They never tell me the family news. 6. Thesecretary will mail these letters tomorrow. 7. Peopledrink a great deal of tea in England. 8. They sellmedicine here. 9. They have finished furnishing the house. 10. You must obey the rules.

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1. we were told a very funny story. 2. he was given a hearty welcome. 3. my brother had been offered aa very good job. 4. I wasn't told the exact time of my appointment. 5. I never was told the family news. 6. these letters will be mailed tomorrow. 7. a great deal of tea in England is drunk by people. 8. medicine is sold here. 9. furnishing the house was finished. 10. the rules must be obeyed.


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1) My friend_____ go to the library every day.
2) _____ her sister wash dishes every morning?
3) We_____ prepare for this test.
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Usually houses three-storeyed with balconies.
By river bank situated cafes, exhibition centre.

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1) We take books from the libraries.
2) They show this TV programme every evening.
3) They sell beautiful flowers in this shop.

Make the sentences into Passive? 1 Somebody stole my bag in the shop. My


2 The bill includes service.


3 People don't use this road very often.

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1. They finished the construction last year.

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7.He understands everything. .................................everything.

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9.She pust on her red coat. .................on her red coat.

10.They usually meet him after school. ........................him after school.

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