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как к этому предложению задать общий вопрос They work at scool.

10-11 класс

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Do they work at scool

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Do they work at school? - общ-вопр


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Поставьте к следующим предложениям общий,

специальный, альтернативный, разделительный (расчленённый) вопросы, образуйте
отрицательную форму:

1. My teacher (speak) over the telephone now. 2. Where is Ann? – She (play) tennis. 3. PleasV don't make so much noise. Father (work) in the

study. 4. Don't disturb me. I (watch) a war movie. 5. We (ski) the whole day yesterday. 6. What you (discuss) at the meeting yesterday? 7. When I came to the party all guests (dance). 8. I (learn) English the whole day tomorrow. I am having my exams soon. 9. While Kate (wash up) Ann was making sandwiches. 10. While my mother was cooking dinner I (lay) the table.

Умняшечки=)),Помогите пожалуйста срочно нужно.Огромное спасибо тем кто мне ответы напишет....))) 1.Make the following sentences


a)They didn't listen to the lecturer.

b)The boys are always laughing at John.

c)Has anybody slept in this room lately?

d)We will take care of your grandmother.

e)They build many houses every year.

2.Put in the correct preposition or partisle

a)I often suffer 1__ a bad back.

b)I'm sorry 2__ being late.

c)I've borrowed some money 3__ a bank. I'm going to pay 4__ 5__ a year.

d)The economy of Russia mostly depends 6__ oil and gas.

e)You can rely 7__ me.

f)Where can I change dollars 8__ roubles?

g)I like walking 9__ the city 10__ white nights.

3.Make the following darect sentences indirect

a)"Don't make me cry!" she begged.

b)"Where have you been?" my friend asked me.

c)"Did you sleep well?" asked the hostess.

d)"Kangaroos live in Australia" the teacher said.

e)"I will pick you up after school" her dad promised.

f)"Open the door" he asked.

g)"I'm not going to pay for it" she said.

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5. We worked in the garden three days ago.
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I invite my friends often задать общий вопрос

They left Moscow. last week. задать вопрос к they

Выпишите из текста предложения в Present Indefinite. Напишите эти предложения

в вопросительной и отрицательной форме. Поставьте к этому предложению все типы
вопросов: общий, специальный, разделительный, альтернативный, вопрос к
is a Great Russian mathematician and the creator of non-Euclidean geometry. He
was born on December 1.1792 in Nizhni Novgorod in a poor family. When
N.Lobachevsky was a child, his father died and the family moved to Kazan. There
the boy learned at the "gymnasium" from 1802 to 1807 and in 1807 he
entered Kazan University. At the University N.I.Lobachevsky spent the next
forty years of his life as a student, professor and rector.

became interested in mathematics when he was still a schoolboy and be remained
true to this science all his life long.

Lobachevsky did
a lot to make Kazan University a first-rate educational institution of that the
time. At the same time he made extensive researches into mathematics.

On February 23,
1826 a great event took place at Kazan University. N.I.Lobachevsky presented a
paper "A Brief Outline of the Principles of Geometry Strictly Demonstrating
the Theorem of Parallel Lines. That day a new geometrical system, the so-called
non-Euclidean geometry was born. In the paper he attacked the theory which was
the basis of geometry for 2,000 years and made a real revolution in

In the years
that followed Lobachevsky wrote a number of works in the field of algebra and
mathematical analysis. However, nearly nobody understood and recognized his
works at that time. They were recognized only twelve years after his death.

ideas greatly influenced the development not only of geometry and other
mathematical sciences, but also mechanics, physics and astronomy. One
mathematician called Lobachevsky "Copernicus of Geometry"

помогите пожалуйста задать общие вопросы к этим предложениям 1.She will work in the hospital . 2. His children won't go to school tomorrow . 3. Mary will

fly to China in winter . 4. In summer they will swim in the pool. 5. You will have fish for dinner tomorrow. 6. Granny will phone on Monday .

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