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как переводится этот вопрос: But where would that get me?

10-11 класс

Arianator69 22 нояб. 2014 г., 12:05:19 (6 лет назад)
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22 нояб. 2014 г., 12:59:41 (6 лет назад)

But where would that get me?
Но где это бы поймало (достало) меня?


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Задания во вложениях)))))))))))))))))))))))))
As a food label is often nothing more than an advert to tempt you to buy the product, you should pay particular attention to the choice of words used.

Always contains synthetic ingredients. Many manufacturers also use a range of meaningless descriptions. Feel - good words like wholesome, farmhouse, original and traditional do not mean anything. Other words, such as farm fresh and country fresh, also intentionally blur the true nature of a product's source. Words that you can trust are organic, whole meal, natural mineral water, Fair Trade, free-range and the V, vegetarian symbol. Consumer pressure over GM foods has led to better labeling but loopholes still exist. GM product derivatives, such as starches, sugars, fats and oils where no genetically modified protein or DNA material still remains, go unlabeled in many products such as cereal bars, fish fingers, jellies and vegetable burgers. примерный перевод пжл))

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last the librarian (to give) me the book which
I (to wait) for during two months. I was very glad. I (to go) home and (to begin) reading it
at once. 2. Don’t speak to him: he
(to be) very busy, he (to do) some very urgent work. 3.I did not want him to go there: I (to be) afraid that something
(to happen). 4.I did not notice that
my watch (to stop), and when I (to
arrive) at the station, my train (to leave) and I (to have) to ask when the
next train (to come). 5.He (to wait)
for fifteen minutes when at last he (to see) her at the end of the platform. 6.By the end of the year he (to read)
about two hundred pages. 7.We were
happy when the sun (to rise),for the night (to be) very cold. 8.Where you (to put) my dictionary? I
cannot find it anywhere. 9.I (not
yet to fall) asleep when the telephone (to ring). 10.What you (to do) from six till nine yesterday?

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помогите, пожалуйста, перевести с русского на английский Я боюсь собак. Я интересуюсь футболом. Какой ваш любимый вид спорта? Где

Аня? Она принимает душ. Что происходит в данный момент? Он смотрит телевизор. Снег не идет. Он всегда прибывает рано. Она не носит обручальное кольцо, хотя замужем. Что означает это слово? Что ты имеешь в виду? У меня нет собаки. У тебя есть деньги? Я чувствую себя плохо. У меня болит голова. Ты вчера опоздал. На прошлой неделе я летал в Лондон. Где вы остановились? Вы были вчера в университете? Мне не понравилась вечеринка. Она уже приняла душ. Они никогда не встречались. Я не видел его с понедельника. Я знаю эту женщину, но забыл ее имя. Не трудно представить (imagine), что сейчас вечер – потому что темно. Он еще не прибыл. Кто-то разбил окно. Я собираюсь пригласить тебя на вечеринку. Ты бы хотел (немного) чая? Сколько игроков в футбольной команде? В футбольной команде 11 игроков. В неделе 7 дней. Это их машина. Их комната большая. Чья это книга? В холодильнике мало молока. Я хочу сделать что-нибудь более интересное. Он встает обычно раньше меня. Чем больше ты знаешь, тем больше забываешь. Его работа хуже твоей. У него больше денег, чем ему надо. Сегодня не так холодно как было вчера. Фильм такой же скучный, как и книга. Как только он придет, мы будем обедать. Если ты увидишь Анну, попроси ее позвонить мне. Если ты не расскажешь тему, не пойдешь на вечеринку. Я останусь здесь до тех пор, пока он не придет. Как только вы переведете текст, скажите мне. Если ты не поторопишься, мы опоздаем (пропустим) на поезд. - Что ты делал вчера?

- Я потерял ключи и не мог попасть (добраться) в комнату.

- А в 5 часов, когда ты позвонил мне, я готовил ужин.

49. Почему ты не звонишь мне чаще?

50. Становится все труднее найти работу.

51. Он гораздо серьезнее, чем мы думали.

52. Чем больше я думаю об этом плане, тем меньше он мне нравится.

53. Они едва знают друг друга.

54. В этом рассказе есть что-нибудь интересное?

55. Мне трудно переводить этот текст.

56. Тебе легко вставать рано?

57. Что ты о ней знаешь?

58. Много ошибок было сделано в тесте.

59. Книгу вчера отправили.

60. Меня вчера попросили ответить на вопросы.

61. За доктором уже послали.

62. За доктором послали вчера.

63. За доктором нужно послать.

64. С ней поговорили о её неосторожности.

65. В школе его плохо обучали.

66. Не смотри так печально.

67. Ты выглядишь печальным.

68. Мне потребовалось две недели, чтобы перевести эти предложения.

69. Сколько времени потребовалось вам, чтобы перевести эти предложения?

70. Если вы переведете все предложения, вы сдадите зачет.

Прочитайте текст и ответьте на следующие за ним вопросы, обведя номер правильного ответа кружком.

Sally had been studying at a design college for a year and, like most students, she did not have much money. It was going to be her mother's birthday soon, and she wanted to buy her a present that would be nice and useful but not too expensive.

Sally's college was in London, but she had been living in the country for many years, so every day she had an hour's journey by train in the morning, and the same in the evening.

At lunch time one day, a week before her mother's birthday, she decided to have a quick sandwich and a cup of coffee instead of her usual meal in the college hall, and then go shopping near her college to buy her mother a nice present. When she had been looking for half an hour, she came across a shop that was selling umbrellas cheap, and decided that an umbrella would be a nice present, since her mother had lost hers the month before.

'Now which colour shall I choose?' she thought. 'Well, I think a black one would be the most useful. You can carry that when you are wearing clothes of any colour, can't you?' So having made up her mind, she bought a lovely black umbrella and took it back to the college with her until her classes had finished.

On her way back home in the train that evening she felt hungry so she went to the buffet car for another sandwich and a cup of coffee. She had left the black umbrella above her seat in the compartment, but when she got back, it had gone! When she had left the compartment, there had been no other passengers in it, but now there were three.

Sally burst into tears when she saw that the umbrella was no longer there. The other passengers felt very sorry for her and asked what the matter was. When she explained that the black umbrella she had bought for her mother had disappeared, and that she had to get out at the next station, the three other passengers asked her for her mother's address, in order to be able to send the umbrella on to her in case someone had taken it by mistake and not on purpose, and brought it back after Sally had got out of the train.

The next week Sally heard from her mother. Her letter said, 'Thank you very much for your lovely presents, but why did you send me three black umbrellas?'


A She was short of money and couldn't afford to buy anything but a cheap umbrella.

В Her mother had asked her to buy a good umbrella as she had lost hers.

С Her idea of a good present was something useful at a reasonable price.

D There was nothing else to buy in the shop where she had come.


A It matched any clothes.

В Her mother's favourite colour was black.

С It was a very practical colour and you could not see dirt on it.

D There were no other colours available in the shop.


A It had been stolen by someone.

B We can't say anything for sure.

C It had been taken by someone by mistake.

D The conductor might have found it and given it to the Lost Property Office.


A They liked Sally and promised to send her an umbrella instead of the missing one.

B It was just a display of politeness.

С They wanted to send it to Sally's mother in case it was found.

D They decided to pay Sally's mother a visit and congratulate her on her birthday.


A Sally's occupation.

В The names of the senders of three umbrellas.

С The food Sally had eaten in the buffet car.

D The place where Sally had bought her umbrella.

Нужен перевод, Можно не дословный, но передающий смысл текста. заранее спасибо. Lists of speech topics are great but without some structure to

follow for writing a proper speech they won't get you very far.
It would be easy for me to just write down thousands of subjects for you to choose from, but that wouldn't do you much good if you don't have a grasp of the different types of rules for writing different types of speeches!
Don't get me wrong! There are hundreds of speech topics and ideas for you to pick from on this site but you'll also get tips and outlines and actual speeches to help you get your head around how to write a speech and how to deliver one too!
Being in elementary school, high school or college gives you lots of opportunities to brush up on your speech writing skills and public speaking skills!
Take advantage of that because when you're out in the real world, these skills will serve you well!
Finding the best speech topics for your presentation can be frustrating at times but you can't go wrong if you choose a topic on something you have an authentic passion for.
When you speak on something that you are enthusiastic about, there's a certain zest in your presentation that captures an audience.

Переведите предложения на английский язык,обращая внимание на употребление сложного дополнения.

2.Слышали ли вы:
как я переводил их беседу?
как она вышла из комнаты?
как мы вошли в комнату?
как мы отвечали на вопросы преподавателя?
как они стучали в дверь?
как она играет на рояле?
как они обсуждают этот вопрос?
как она пыталась закрыть окно.
как вы плаваете.
как вы переплыли реку и вернулись обратно.
как незнакомец скрылся за углом.

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