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сочинение на английском на тему: идеальный турист

5-9 класс

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Writing a short while the full definition of "tourism", by the diversity of his functions, and a large number of forms of expression, it is difficult. In the development of the different interpretations given to the term and each of them represents one or another aspect of tourism. The basic criteria for the definition of "tourism" are the following:
Changing places: moving to a place that is beyond the daily environment.
Stay in another place, the seat should not be a place of permanent or long-term stays (12 months or more).
Payment activity in the visited location to travel should not be implementing an activity remunerated from within the place visited, or employment (wages).
Modern tourism is impossible without the tourist activity on the production of the product: special clothing, equipment, hotels, travel agencies, transportation, etc., etc. However, in the proposed definitions of these activities are currently not reflected.
 Since recreational resources distributed unevenly in the world, more and more people on a journey with recreational purposes and motives. These recreational travel (medical, health, educational, sports) became the basis for the development of recreational tourism. Recreational aspects are always present in the types of tourism business (business tourism, congress tourism, shopping tourism).
The tourism business in the market can be made in the presence of four major components: capital, technology, human resources, recreational resources. This means that, having enough capital to purchase frames, technology, and engage in tourism. To do this, select a place where there are recreational resources, or, if there is no place, then create it. This is one of the specific features of tourism business in the marketplace. Since the fourth component - recreational resources - is the cheapest, then generally it determines the high profitability of the tourist business. If tourism is associated with the creation of the tourist resource, the cost of the tourist product increases dramatically.

Costumed knights festival, USA
Under the recreational resources to understand - a set of natural and artificial man-made objects that are suitable for a tourist product. Generally, recreational resources determine the formation of tourist business in a particular region. These resources have the following main characteristics: attractiveness (attractiveness), climatic conditions, accessibility, level of study, excursions importance of socio-demographic characteristics, potential reserves, how to use, etc., these resources are used for recreation, tourism, sport and educational purposes. [3]
Recreational resources can be subdivided into natural and socio-economic (social and cultural).
Natural tourism resources are classified:
by belonging to certain components of the natural environment (climate, water, forest, etc.).
by function (health, cognitive).
by issyakaemosti (running dry: the objects of hunting, fishing and inexhaustible: the sun, sea water).
for Sustainability (renewable: plants, animals, and non-renewable: mud, cultural sites).
Socio-economic resources are:
cultural and historic sites (monuments and memorials, museums, architectural ensembles).
cultural and historical phenomenon (ethnographic, religious).
economic (financial, infrastructure, labor).
Despite its social and humane role tourism alters the environment. Reducing damage to the environment of the tourism industry is regulated at the national and international levels through environmental education, tax regulations, restrictions tourist and recreational pressure on natural resources, etc.
Thus, recreational resources are considered as one of the factors in the development of tourism and the basis for production planning tourism product.


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