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10-11 класс

When Nelly returned to her native city after four years at the University she … (understand) that many things … (change). The first night at home she … (go) for a walk … (accompany) by a friend of hers. The girls … (see) many people … (have) walks with their children. “Look! Nelly’s friend suddenly … (cry). “A new bridge … (appear) here!” “When … it … (build)? Nelly’s friend … (not expect) her … (be) so excited. “You … (see),” she said, “it … (be) our new council policy. They … (build) a lot of new things at the moment. … you … (remember) Mr. Perking`s old barn? A new garage … (build) in its place. It … (not finish) yet, but when they … (finish) it, it … (be) the biggest garage in the city.” Nelly … (shake) her head in disbelief. “It … always … (be) difficult … (make) the City Council … (do) anything in the field of construction”, she said. She … (remember) how old-fashioned her city … (be) before. She hoped she … (see) more attractive changes in the near future.

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1. understood 2.had changed 3.went 4. accompanied 5.saw 6.had 7. cried 8. has appear 9. was it built 10. didn't expect 11. to be 12. see 13. is (тут не совсем уверена, возможно будет will be) 14. are building 15. Do you remember 16. is being built 17. isn't finished 18. will be 19.shaked 20. is 21. to make 22. to do 23. remembered 24. had been 25. would see


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ut this year we (not/grow) any. 3. You can borrow my umbrella. I (not/need) it at the moment. 4. Peter and Ann (go) already away. 5. What you (do)? I (copy) the text from the textbook now.

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