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Besides some of our rivers are now empty of fish because they are polluted by chemical waste (cоставить вопрос)

5-9 класс

Julias8181 17 мая 2015 г., 14:09:28 (8 лет назад)
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17 мая 2015 г., 16:33:04 (8 лет назад)

Why are some of our rivers eper empty?


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Переведите текст. Только не через переводчик. Пожалуйста. It’s a wonderful world we live in. For thousands of years the Earth has given support to all

forms of life – human beings, animals, birds, fishes, insects and plants.But now human beings are killing our planet.Many species of animals and birds have disappeared. Millions of animals die every year because man has polluted their natural homes. Besides, every year people cut down more trees, build more roads, and use more land for farming. This leaves fewer jungles, fields and forests for wildlife.The country air, once clear and fresh, now may be polluted by power stations and factories. Some of our rivers are now empty of fish. And in some rivers you can even see a sick foam(пена) caused by chemical waste.All over the world the forests are disappearing. People cut the trees down because they need wood and paper or new places for farms and houses. Forests the size of Belgium are destroyed every year. It’s an international disaster. Even if new trees are planted, it takes many years for them to grow.Go to the seaside and you’ll see the pollution around you. There is a lot of litter on the beaches. Some of it was left by people and some was brought by the water.Pollution is very dangerous for people, wildlife and the environment.We live among litter and wastes which we have created ourselves – fumes of cars, throwaway packaging, etc. People don’t just pollute the environment. They pollute themselves with cigarettes, alcohol and junk food. These are some of the world’s most serious environmental problems. And it’s no good pretending they don’t exist – they do. What’s more, they are getting worse all the time. What will happen if we don’t try to solve these problems? Scientists have made predictions and they are alarming.

Пожалуйста напишите письмо!!!!

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помогите перевести диалог: What are some of the good things about being a teenager,not an adult? Well,you don't have to go to work.you

can go out with your friends,go shopping,go to the cinema,sometimes to the disco.

But I always have to tell my Mum and Dad where I'm going.Another thing is we don't have to do the housework and the washig and cleaning,which is really boring.

What do adults have to do?

Well, adults have to worry about bills and looking after their family.

They can't do what they want when they want.

What does your mother have to do ?

I feel sorry for my Mum.

She doesn't have to work on Thursdays and Fridays,but she has a lot of different things to do in a day,like shopping,cooking taking my younger sister to dancing.

What does your Dad have to do?

He has to work full-time,but he doesn't have to do anything in the house.

Tell me about school.What are some of the school rules?

We have to wear a stupid school uniform,and we are not allowed to bring mobile phones.

Переведите пожалуйста текст: Where’s the beef? It’s Saturday afternoon and you are at the shops with your friends. You' ve been

shopping all morning and you' re starving! But where are you going to eat? There’s а good chance that you' ll go to а fast food restaurant like Pizza Hut, Burger King or Wendy’s. The biggest problem is choosing one because there are so many.

In the last thirty years fast food has become а major part of our diets. Fast food is cheap, easy to find and easy to eat. You can even eat а burger while you are

driving. Try doing that with а bowl of spaghetti! Families stop at Pizza Hut on the way home from а day trip. Teenagers meet at McDonald s for а burger at lunchtime. Busy office workers buy tasty sandwiches at Subway. It s so quick and easy.

But is fast food healthy? Richard Benton is а nutritionist and he says that fast food can be healthy food. 'Most fast food restaurants have healthy choices like salads and lean chicken sandwiches,' he says. 'Fast food is ОК as long as you don' t eat too much of it.'

People who do eat too much fast food can have health problems. In the United States, 300,000 people а year die from illnesses related to obesity. Twenty per

cent of children in the United States are overweight. The problem has spread as Western fast food has become popular in countries like China, India and Japan. Five to ten per cent of Chinese children are now overweight.

Also, some fast foods contain а lot of fat and sugar. Some health experts believe that high-fat and high-sugar foods change children s behaviour. А recent

survey in Japan found that badly behaved children ate more fast food than well-behaved children.

The good news is that fast food is changing. It is becoming healthier. Thai, Turkish, Japanese and Filipino fast food is becoming popular in the United States.

You can have а quick snack in Elephant Jump (Thai), Jollibee (Filipino) or Yoshinoya (Japanese) if you don' t want а pizza.

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