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Zoo park

1-4 класс

I see a lazy lizard Sitting in the sun. I see a big whale Having lots of fun I see a baby hippo Learning how to run And one crocodile Crying on its own

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11. There are many _____ in my farm. a) sheeps b) sheepes c) sheep 12. This is my _____ house. He lives here with his family. a) friend b) friend’s c) friends’s 13. They _____ a letter to their granny tomorrow. a) are writing b) wrote c) will write 14. Polly is _____ than Margaret. a) cleverer b) the cleverest c) clever 15. It’s _____ film I have ever seen. a) the worst b) worse c) bad 16. ____ book is very interesting. a) those b) this c) these 17. Kate _____ often go the museums. a) doesn’t b) isn’t c) don’t 18. She never helps her brother, _____? a) is she b) does she c) doesn’t she 19. My parents are watching TV now, _____? a) are they b) aren’t they c) don’t they 20. Where _____ cheese? a) are c) is

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Составить предложение

He always some brings us souvenirs

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Central Park is a nice park in the centre of New york , the United States . It was founded in 1857. The park is not very large but it is rich

in trees, green bushes, beautiful flowers and small lakes.
Central park is famous for its outdoor activities. People can run, jog, ride their bikes and playgrounds skate on the numerous park's roads. There are many baseball fields and courts for tennis and volleyball. Central Park has two ice skating rinks.
Children like walking in the park because it is full of amazing playgrounds. There is also a zoo with a penguin house and a polar bear pool in the park .
Each summer, visitors can founded performances and music concerts in the park . hundreds of people visit Central Park every day.

Yesterday I went th the park. I met my best friends there. It was sunny and frosty. We skied and skated in the park. We liked it very mach. We want

to go to park next weekend, too.
Вот вам всем решение тот кто не может решить

Write the followeng words in three groups. barhroom, cloudy, bedroom, circus, warm, museum, armchair, foggy, hall, theatre, kitchen, sunny, sguare,

mirror, rainy, park, cold, living room, Zoo, table, windy, cinema, hot, cafe, sofa, snow, swimming pool, terrible, supermarket, fireplace. Weather: __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________. House: ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________. Places to visit: _____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________.

Decide whether the following sentences are true (T) or false (F)

Переведите пожалуйста и помогите , кому не сложно :)

1 You can meet great character of history and art at Madame Tussaud museum
2 There are no actors and filmstars among Madame Tussaud life-size figures of famous people.
3 There is a special place for the Queen*s Family at Madame Tussaud*s museum .
4 MOMI is Natural History Museum .
5 In MOMI you can learn about the history and magic of theatre .
6 During your visit to MOMI yoi*ll meet characters from the past .
7 There are few parks in London.
8 London Zoo,a lake and a theatre are all in Regent*s Park.
9 The statue of the famous Peter Pan is in one of London*s Parks.

Oh, you must come to the park, So we can have some fun. You must come to

the park today,

And play games in the sun.

Oh, we mustn’t walk on the path,

And we mustn’t climb the trees.

We must put litter in the bin,

Let's keep the park clean, pleas.

Oh, we must be very good,

And we mustn’t pick the flowers.

But we can have a lot of fun,

And play for hours and hours.

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