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1-4 класс

11. There are many _____ in my farm. a) sheeps b) sheepes c) sheep 12. This is my _____ house. He lives here with his family. a) friend b) friend’s c) friends’s 13. They _____ a letter to their granny tomorrow. a) are writing b) wrote c) will write 14. Polly is _____ than Margaret. a) cleverer b) the cleverest c) clever 15. It’s _____ film I have ever seen. a) the worst b) worse c) bad 16. ____ book is very interesting. a) those b) this c) these 17. Kate _____ often go the museums. a) doesn’t b) isn’t c) don’t 18. She never helps her brother, _____? a) is she b) does she c) doesn’t she 19. My parents are watching TV now, _____? a) are they b) aren’t they c) don’t they 20. Where _____ cheese? a) are c) is

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Пажалуйста задание D

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Составить предложение

He always some brings us souvenirs

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тест№1 : `1) Koalas are small Australian animals.... eat eucalyptus leaves.

a)which b) who c) whose

2).......of you has got a calculator
a) who b) which c) what
3) They are going to Vladimir for....few days.
a)a b) the c)-

4)Mary....a lot of dolls when she was a baby.
a) has b)had c) has had
5)Mary.... this doll for two years.
a) has b)had c) has had

6)Thank you very much. You...very kind to me.
a) always were b) have always been c) is always

тест№2: 1)Mrs Hill asks her husband...use the computer.
a) don`t b) not c) not to
2)I wonder why...at home now.
a)she b)she is c) is she
3)The teacher asks why....the book.
a) they like b) did they like c) do they kike
4) .....of them saw Peter the other day.
a) who b) which c) what
5) Bob wondered..... her the next day.
a) if he would meet b) will he meet c) would he meet
6) Tom is the best pupil.
He..... the best pupil in his class.
a) is always b) has always been c) was always
7)Tom .....a mobile telephone when he was ten
a) has b) had c) has had
8) Tom... the mobile telephone since September.
a) has b) had c) has had
10)I made.. mistakes in this test. I hope I`II have no mistakes in the next test
a) little b) few c) much

тест№3:1) You mustn`t invite so... people.
2)Yes, I know it. I...it
a) have always known b) always knew c) always know
3)When he.. I`II give him the cassette.
a) come b) comes c) will come
4)I have had this bike...two years.
a) for b) since c) already
5) Let`s do it on Sunday. We have very..time today.
a) little b) few c) much
6) If she...me about it I`II tell her everything
a) ask b) asks c) will ask
7) There is...cheese in the fridge. Let`s make cheese
a) little b) a little c) few
8) Mother asks Tom when he... back.
a) come b) comes c) will come
9) -He is ill.
-How long... ill?
a)is he b) was he c) has he been
10)They have got a lot of cakes but they have got.. bread.
a) little b) much c) few.

пожалуйста сделайте я вам скажу спосибо и поставлю отценку заранее спасибо

Test 7. Fill in the correct reflexive pronouns.1. The girl decorated the room ______.2. The winner looked very proud of ______.3. She brought up her

children by ______.4. The cat is washing ______.5. The children enjoyed______ when they visited Disneyland.6. She was afraid of spiders, so she didn’t go into the room by ______.7. She decided to do all the cooking ______.8. He was asked to behave______ at school.9. He shouted loudly to make______ understood.10. Cats are very clean animals: they are always washing ______.11. Doctors advised us that we have to exercise ______regularly in order to keep healthy.12. In ______your problem is nothing to worry about.13. She loves looking at______ in the mirror.14. If you don’t behave ______, I shall put you all to bed early.15. The music was so loud that I had to shout to make ______heard.16. The teacher tried to make______ understood but she failed to get the class to understand.17. We painted the room ______.18. She was very pleased with ______when she got such a good job.19. I think I’d go back to France. We really enjoyed______ there.20. I don’t feel______ today. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.помогите пожалуйста=)за ранее спасибо)

Упр. 409. Перефразируйте следующие предложения, употребляя сложное дополнение с причастием.

E.g. He was reading in the garden. She saw him.

She saw him reading in the garden. 1. The girl was singing. I heard her. 2. They were talking about computers. He heard them. 3. You and you friend were walking along the street yesterday. I saw you. 4. The little girls were playing on the grass. We watched them. 5. The ship was leaving the port. He stood and looked at it. 6. She was sleeping peacefully in her bed. Mother watched her. 7. The cat was rubbing itself on my leg. I felt it. 8. They were fishing. We saw it. 9. The pupils were writing a test-paper. The teacher watched them

10. Acaterpillar was crawling on my arm. I felt it

11. We heard I. Arkhipova last night. She was singing a Russian folk song. 12. I watched the sun. ft

rising. 13. I heard him. He was singing an English song. 14. We noticed a man. The man was cleaning his shoes. 15. He saw two girls. They were dancing on the stage. 16, She watched the children. They were running and playing in the garden. 17. I saw her. She was arranging her hair, 18. We saw our neighbour. He was listening to the latest news on the radio. 19. John heard his sister. She was talking loudly on the veranda. 20. We saw Ben. He was crossing the square. 21. They heard their father. He was playing the piano in the drawing-room. 22. I can see the train. It is coming. 23. I watched the rain. It was beating down the flowers in the garden. 24. I saw a group of boys. They were eating ice-cream. 25. We noticed a group of people. They were digging potatoes in the field. 26. Didn't you see her? She was smiling at you.

! 1. This is the...........?...........(difficult/more difficult/most difficult) test i have ever......?....(do/did/done)!

2. This is the.....?......(good/better/best) house i have ever........?......(see/saw/seen).
3. -She...........?........(didn't see/hasn't seen) the film.
-Bat she has. It's..........(a/нечего/the) film she.....?....(sees/saw/has seen) when she.......?......(was/has been) in London.
4.I.....................?................(did not sleep/have not slept) well last night.
5.................?..............(Did you hear/ Have you heard) the news yet?
6.We........?..........(saw/have seen) our friends on Saturday. It...........?...........(took/has taken) us............................(a/an/the) hour to get to....................(there/their) place.
7.i lake............(cook/to cook). I can................(cook/to cook well.
8.A..................(Fisherman/fishermen) is a person................(who/which)............(Catches/is catching) fish.
9.-What...............(a/an/ничего) expensive hotel!
-Yes I.............(Didn't/have never)...................(stay/stayed) in such..............(a/an/ничего) expensive hotel.
10.Don't go out! ...............................(It rains/It is raining)......................(Hard/hardly)

Test 8. Fill in the correct demonstrative pronouns.1. Which flowers do you want? ______or ______?2. Excuse me, is______ your bag?3. They talked about

______and ______.4. Which shoes do you like most? ______or ______?5. ______’s why they accepted his proposal.6. ______is Ann speaking.7. After______ they decided not to come.8. ______will do.9. I’ll take______ books.10. He’s been waiting______ three weeks.11. She went to______ doctor and ______, no result.12. ______day was the worst of his life.13. I’m tired out.______ ’s why I’m going home early.14. George likes Mary, but she doesn’t like him. ______’s what annoys him.15. The engine starts and the light goes on. ______’s when you press the button.16. ‘They’re getting engaged in April.’ ‘ ______’s marvellous.’17. ______was the biggest mistake in his life.18. ‘We’re moving to London.’ ‘ ______’s fantastic!’19. ______ is what I think.20. ______will help her to come in time. Помогите пожалуйста=)

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