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Написать тег для каждого предложения He didnt`t invite you, ........ ? She didn`t go to the disco, .....? They didn`t reed fairy-tales, ....... ? You

5-9 класс

didn`t feed the animals, ........ ? It didn`t see you, ..... ? The Boys didn`t go to the party, ........ ? The boy didnt`t study Russian, ............ ? The pupil didn`t learn the words, ............ ? The pupils didn`t clean the classroom, ....... ? Her uncles didn`t go abroad, ...... ?

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1. he didn't invite you, did he?

2 She didn't go to the disco, did she?

3 They didn't read fairy tails, did they?

4It didn't see you, did I?

5 The boys didn't go to the party, didn't they?

6 The boy didn't study Russian, did he?

7The pupil didn't learn the words, did he?

8 the pupils didn't clean the classroom, did,they?

9 her uncle didn't go abroad, did he?


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