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мой любимый актер и мой любимый фильм

10-11 класс

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My favorite artist and my favorite film


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Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood were our neighbours. They had two children. TheiMr. and Mrs. Wormwood were our neighbours. They had two children. Their

son Michael __________________(NOT/DIFFER) from the other children very much but their daughter Matilda was a brilliant child. By the time she was five, Matilda was able to read very well. She studied every magazine and newspaper that she __________________(CAN) find around the house. Actually, she read __________________(WELL) than most school pupils. One afternoon when the parents were out of the house, Matilda put on __________________(SHE) dress and shoes and went to the library. The librarian was surprised to see such a small child. "Are you here for the __________________(ONE) time? Would you like me to find a nice book with lots of pictures for you?" she asked. “No, thank you, I __________________(FIND) what I need,” answered Matilda and pointed to a thick book of fairy tales. Then she added, “I __________________(COME) for a new book as soon as I finish this one”. The librarian was really shocked when she saw Matilda only two days later.

помогите пожалуйста!тут надо слова изменять по смыслу.вот текст: Вариант 6 В11-В16 Christopher Wren

Sir Christopher Wren was the famous English architect.Thanks to his skills and experience the modern Londoners are proud of their capital.More than fifty new churches and a large number of houses were designed by Wren.The Bll—beauty-building which was designed by Wren in the Gothic style was St.Paul's Cathedral.

In the Great London Fire of 1066, 3000buildings, houses and 97 churches were destroyed.After the Fire,London wasB12—success- rebuilt,but the new houses were built of the stone and brick instead of wood.

The streets were made B13—wide- and open space was left for B14—attract— squares. An opportunity to plan the new city of London was given to Sir Christopher Wren.

Among B15—remark buildings which were built by Wren was St.Paul's Cathedral with its huge dome and rows of columns.lt is theB16—history building and is considered to be a fine specimen of Renaissance architecture.In one of its towers hangs one of the largest bells in the world.Great Paul,weihing about 17.5 tons.Nelson, Wellington and other great men of England are bured in the Cathedral.

Помогите пожалуйста! Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в одном из следующих времён: Present Continuous, present simple, past simple или future simple:

Why you(to go) to the shop yesterday?
We (to grow) tomatoes next summer.
What you (to do) now?
He (to sleep) now.
Where your father (to work) last wear?
Yesterday we (to write) a paper.
She (to go) to the south next summer?

Времена!!! Все презент!!!!Симпл,континиус,перфект,перфект-континиус

1.How long he( live) in Manchester?-All his life. He was born there.
2.Mr. Woods (not/ feel )well for over a month.


I've just done my first jump since accident that nearly killed me just over a year ago. As I was lying in hospitalafter the accident, I wasn't feeling glad to be alive. Instead, I was wondering how I could possibly live withoutskydiving again. It all started one evening after another typical nine-to-five day. I was sitting at home thinking "There has to bemore to life than this", when an advert came on the television. "Try skydiving", it said. The next day, I calledmy local skydiving centre and booked my first jump. At the end of a day's training, I signed a document tosay that I understood I was taking part in an activity that could end in serious injury. At that moment Iwondered if I was completely mad. I will never forget my first jump. Five of us walked to the runway and got into a tiny plane. I was beginning tofeel nervous, but the others were chatting and joking, and I started to feel more relaxed. It was a beautiful,cloudless day and the sun was just going down. We climbed to eleven thousand feet, and then the trainer opened the plane door. Suddenly, it was time tojump, and as I pushed myself away from the plane, my mind went back. Words cannot describe the rush of adrenalin I experienced while I was free-falling. At five thousand and fivehundred feet I pulled the cord, and the parachute opened immediately. Suddenly, everything was silent andpeaceful. Twice I shouted, “This is absolutely incredible! ”. It was the most amazing four minutes of my life. From the first jump, I was hooked. I started spending every free moment I had skydiving. It became myreason for living, and nothing else mattered. Things were going very well. Then disaster struck on my one thousand fortieth jump. Another skydivercollided with my parachute. I fell and hit the ground at about thirty mph. I broke both legs, my right foot, leftelbow, right arm, my nose and my jaw. I lost ten pints of blood, nineteen teeth and twenty five pounds of fat.I was lucky to survive. People who have never experienced skydiving will find it hard to understand that my only motivation to getbetter was so that I could do it again. All I can say is that for me, skydiving is life, and life is skydiving.

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7. Мой любимый предмет - английский язык. 8. Мой папа - программист. Он не интересуется политикой. 9. Моя мама - зубной врач. Она интересуется искусством. 10. Мы всегда заняты, но мы очень счастливы быть вместе. 11. Чья это ручка? - Это моя ручка. 12. Чья это книга? - Это ваша книга. 13. Чей это стол? - Это стол моего брата. 14. Чья это сумка? - Это сумка моей мамы. 15. Чей это карандаш? - Это карандаш моей сестры. 16. Это твоя тетрадь? - Да. 17. Это тетрадь твоего брата? - Нет, это моя тетрадь. 18. Где ваш стол? - Он посередине комнаты. 19. Где твоя ручка? - Она в моем кармане. 20. Где твоя тетрадь? - Она на столе. 21. Где твоя мама? - Она на работе. 22. Где твой брат? - Он в школе. 23. Где твоя сестра? - Она дома. 24. Чей это карандаш? - Это мой карандаш. - А где мой карандаш? - Он на столе. 25. Чьи это часы? - Это мои часы. - А где мои часы? - Они на столе.перевидите пожалуйста на английский!!!!

Я очень люблю ходить в кино и смотреть различные фильмы. Мои любимые жанры - это комедии и мелодрамы, но также мне нравится фантастика.

Я люблю разные фильмы, потому что каждый из них очень интересный и впечатляет меня.
Мне нравятся комедии, потому что они заставляют меня смеяться. Вот некоторые из них: «Папе снова 17», «Притворись моей женой», «Метод Хитча».Это семейные фильмы.
Мелодрамы - это грустные фильмы. Такие фильмы влияют на людей. Когда я смотрю их, я обычно плачу. Некоторые из них: «Спеши любить», «Если только», «Помни меня».
Но мой любимый фильм – это «Гарри Поттер». Все части. Я думаю, что это самый лучший фильм и, что все дети и взрослые любят Гарри.
Этот фильм имеет множество компьютерной графики и спецэффектов.
«Гарри Поттер» - это очень интересный фантастический роман про магов. Но в нем есть и дружба, и любовь.
Я могу смотреть «Гарри Поттера» снова и снова. Каждую из 8 частей я смотрю с захватывающим интересом.
Этот фильм многому нас учит, я всем советую посмотреть его.

«мой любимый вид спорта» Помогите написать

сочинение. обязательно нужно указать любимого спортсмена

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