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Яку шкільну форму я хотів би

10-11 класс

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Materials from that a school form is done some sewing must be natural. It, for example, a viscose, wool, silk or cotton. Synfils must not exceed a norm - 35%%. If a thing is executed from синтетики, then for her, as a rule, bad ventileness, as a result a child can sweat and feel discomfort. Often the producers of clothing for schoolchildren use blenderized fabrics in the production, id est, natural, but with synfils. Shirts, smocks, and also the suit lining must be executed only from natural fabrics, so as they run into the skin of child.


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You see a mountain lion
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4. You have brought a lot of food with you.
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Новость на английском. !!!
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Type of display - the choice is between a CRT or and lsd screen.The cathode ray tube of a monitor is a similar to a traditional tv set.it has three electron guns that strike the inside of the screen , which is coated with substances called phosphors , which glow and create colours.

Граждане выручайте,пожалуйста
Заранее благодарствую.

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3) The interpreter (to translate) their conversation rather well.
4) Do you hear? The correspondents (to interview) the participants of the
conference at the moment.
5) The company (to develop) а new project.
6) Look at this mаn, I think he (to follow) us.
7) Listen carefully! Не (to give) а very interesting talk.
8) They (to speak) to him about his promotion now.
9) - What they (to do)? - They (to laugh) at his jokes.
10) They (to wait) for us at the bus stop. Hurry up!

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