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Look at the timetable of the french chidren

5-9 класс

stay in england.what did the children do each day

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Посмотрите на график пребывания французских детей в Англии. Что дети делают каждый день


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Look at the timetable of the French children's stay in Englad What did the children do in Englad?

Morning:arrive in London
Afternoon^walk around the centre of London

Morning-afternoon:have english lessons at springfield School
Evening: watch a car race at the stadium

Morning: make a trip to York
Evening: visit the Viking Centre

Morning: have English Lessons
Afternoon-evening: take rides at Alton Towers

Morning-evening:see the sights of London

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Look at the picture. Complete the sentences.

I made this photo last summer. I spend my summer holidays in the country.
Look at the photo. You can see my friends there.
Roman and Grisha_______________________________________________________________________________________________
We had lots of fun last summer.
We often____________________________________________________________________
Sometimes we_____________________________________________________
In the evening, we_____________________________________________________

. Right now I (look) at the board. (I, see) some words on the blackboard. 4. I (need) to call my parents today and tell them about my new apartment.

They can't call me because they (know, not) my new telephone number. 5. Right now the children (be) at the beach. They (have) a good time. They (have) a beach ball and they (play) with it. They (like) to play catch. Their parents (sunbathe). They (try) to get a tan. They (listen) to some music on a transistor radio. They also (hear) the sound of sea gulls and the sound of the waves. 6. Right now I (think) about sea gulls and waves. I (think) that sea gulls are beautiful birds. 7. Sam is at the library. He (sit) at a table. He (write) a composition. He (use) a dictionary to look up the spelling of some words. The dictionary (belong, not) to him. It (belong) to his roommate. Sam (look) up words in the dictionary because he (want) to make sure that he doesn't have any misspelled words in his paper. 8. Janice: What (write, you) in your notebook? Diane: I (make) notes about questions I want to ask the teacher. Janice: (Prepare, you, always) so thoroughly for every class? Diane: I (try, always) to. 9. Bob: Jack really makes me angry! Sue: Why? Bob: Well, for one thing, he (interrupt, always) me. I can barely get a whole sentence out of my mouth. Sue: Is that all? Bob: No. He (ask, always) me to do his homework for him. I have enough homework of my own without doing his homework too! 10. Mother: Susie! Get your fingers out of the dessert! What (do, you)? Susie: I (taste) the cake. It (taste) good. Mother: Well, you'll just have to wait until dinnertime. You can have some then. 11. This morning it (rain). I can see Janet from my window. She (stand) at f the comer of 5th and Pine. She (hold) her umbrella over her head. She (wait) for the bus. 12. Right now I (look) at Janet. She (look) angry. I wonder what's the matter. She (have) a frown on her face. She certainly (have, not) any fun right now. 13. I can't afford that thing. It (cost) too much. 14. I (own, not) an umbrella. I (wear) a waterproof hat on rainy days. 15. Why you (walk) so fast today? You (walk, usually) quite slowly. – I (hurry) because I (meet) my mother at 4 o'clock and she (not like) to be kept waiting. 16. The plane that you (look) at now just (take) off for Paris. 17. Tom never (do) any work in the garden; he always (work) on his car. – What he (do) in his car now? – I (think) he (polish) it. 18. That film (come) to the local cinema next week. You (want) to see it? 19. How Peter (get) on at school? – Very well. He (seem) to like the life. 20. This is our itinerary. We (leave) home on the 8th, (arrive) in Paris on the 9th, (spend) the day in Paris, and (set) out that night for Venice. – That (sound) most interesting. You must tell me all about it when you (get) back.

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