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помогите пожалуйста составить текст на английском с переводом 14 - 15 предложений на тему как я провожу свободное время! Всем спасибо

5-9 класс

Luxi09 16 марта 2017 г., 2:29:46 (6 лет назад)
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16 марта 2017 г., 5:19:13 (6 лет назад)

I have no much spare time.  It's only the weekends. I prefer to spend my free time with my family.  

We usually play chess with my father and  read books with my little sister.  Sometimes I go for a walk with my friends. In winter I like to ski and skate in my spare time . In summer I go to the beach with my friends .  And of course, I don't forget about my hobby. I collect stamps. There are a lot of stamps in my collection.  I  buy stamps and change them with my friend. He is a stamp collector too. I like to play computer games and use  the internet to get necessary information . I'm a stdudent and I'm often tired , so I like to sleep when I have free time.

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16 марта 2017 г., 7:11:52 (6 лет назад)

In a spare time i play a basketbal and watch TV. 


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Перевести предложения из прямой речи в косвенную в данном тексте (с целью дальнейшего пересказа) : He missed his

dinner but enjoyed his supper

Supper was already over when a guest unexpectedly arrived.

- Would you care for some macaroni and a piece of an apple pie? - mother asked.

- Thanks, it comes just at the moment, I missed my dinner being on the way and am rather hungry, - the guest answered.

Mother put another plate on the table for him and brought a dish of nicely browned macaroni from kitchen.

- Keep our friend company, Jackie, while I heat the apple pie and coffee, - she said.

Jackie ran out of the room for a minute and returned with a neatly cut piece of cheese on a plate.

- There's a good boy, - the guest said having finished the macaroni and the cheese. - A clever boy always knows what may be found in the frig.

That didn't come from the frig, - Jackie answered triumphantly, - it came from the mouse trap.

И еще:

...But at the moment the man said to the porter:

"Did you see those two boys get on the train and leave me behind?"

"Yes, I saw them", answered porter

"They came to see me off" , explained the man to the porter.

И качественный перевод данного текста "человеческим языком" :


The porter saw three men who arrived at the railway station at about half past nine in the evening. One of them came up to the porter and wondered at what time the next train was to start for London. The porter told the man that the trains for London went every hour.

The three men decided to go and have a drink. They came to the refreshment room and ordered three drinks. A minute or two after ten o'clock they approached the porter and asked him if the 10 o'clock train had gone. The answer was affirmative. Besides the porter added that the next train was due to start at 11 sharp.

The three men returned to the refreshment room for another drink. They missed the 11 o'clock train in the same way. The porter had to warn them that the next train was the last. If they missed it they would have to spend the night at the railway station.

Twelve o'clock carne and the bat train was just starting out when the three men came out of the refreshment room, running as hard as they could. Two of them managed to get into the carriage just when the train was starting off.
The third man could not run so fast and the train went on leaving him behind. The man stood at the platform watching the train disappear in the distance. The porter who saw all that was very sorry for the man. When he came up to the man, he saw him laughing. The porter could not understand why the man was laughing. Pie wanted to ask him a question, but at that moment the man said to the porter: "Did you see those two boys get on the train and leave me behind?" "Yes, I saw them", answered the porter. "They came to see me off (Они пришли проводить меня)", explained the man to the porter.

моя улюблена газета
Поставьте глагол в правильную форму: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Perfect Continuous.

1)He(be)___seventeen years old. 2)___(be) you afraid of him? 3)Sometimes my friend__(go) abroad. 4)The student____(reply) to the question when the headmistress came in. 5) I(not) aften____(come to see) her. 6)They____(not)(invite) us yesterday. 7) The police caught Dan often he___(rob) a shop. 8) My father____(build) a farm in 1987. 9)What is you mother doing now? -She____(sleep). 10)It___(rain). Take an umbrella. 11)Waiters of this restaurant___(be not) polite. 12) This factory usually___(produce) good electronics. 13) This sportsman seldom____(take) part in competitions. 14) The surgeon____(operate) her this Sunday. 15) Your classmate___(self) me a dog when I was in Novosibirsk. 16) We__(be) red an hour ago. 17) Somebody stole the money from Dad`s pocket while he__(sleep). 18)___you like pizza? 19)I___(not self) my flat till Thursday. 20) Why are you__(look) at me? 21)Ann is away. She__(go) to France. 22) I____(be) a member of the local club for years. 23) This weather___(get) colder since morning. 24) When I arrived, Tom__(be) on the sofa and__(speak) over the phone. 25) I want to boy a new flat I___(save) money for ages. 26)___you(hear) me now?

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хорошо провела время например гуляла с друзьями играла наряжала елку праздновала новый год рождество как к нам приходли гости....нужно описавать это но не нужно описавать природу!!!!ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА ЗАВТРА УЖЕ СДАВАТЬ А ЕЩЁ НЕ ГОТОВО!!!!!ДАЮ МНОГО БАЛЛОВ!!!ПОЖАЛУЙСТА!!!!!

Пожалуйста помогите перевести текст, на английский язык.

" На этих каникулах я отдохнула хорошо. Этим летом мы с семьёй поехали в Астану. Там мы были 1 неделю. Астана красивый город, особенно ночью. Мне там очень понравилось. После Астаны мы поехали в Боровое. Там тоже очень красиво, свежий воздух. В боровом мы были 3 дня. Потом мы приехали домой. В Павлодаре я ходила на улицу. Гуляла с друзьями, с семьёй. А 21 августа мы поехали в Баянаул. Там мы ходили на речку, на скалы. В Баянауле мне тоже очень понравилось. Вот так прошли мои летнии каникулы. "
МНЕ ОЧЕНЬ НАДО. Пожалуйста! Помогите перевести текст на английский язык

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