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Упражнение №476...Пожалуйста, помогите сделать! Нужно раскрыть скобки употребляя глаголы в требующейся форме. Тема условные предложения...

5-9 класс

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3)will agree
4)don't be
8)would go
9)don't miss
10)didn't miss
11) am not miss
13) understood 
14) haven't got
15) don't scod 
16) didn't scod 


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III. Перепишите следующие предложения; подчеркните Participle I и Participle II и установите функции каждого из них, т.е. укажите является ли оно


обстоятельством или частью глагола – сказуемого. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. The first plant employing high pressure and temperature was initiated in Canada.

2. The completed work was given to the teacher.

3. Entering the room he suddenly saw that there were several unknown people in it.

4. A computer software programme has been developed to conduct an effective analysis.

5. They watched the burning forest helplessly.

впиши полную или краткую форму глагола to be

I nine years old.
We from Russia.
You from London.
He from the USA.
She from Australia
They good friends.
помогите плиз

Помогите пожалуйста сделать проект СРОЧНО!

They Need Our Care

-Decide who or what needs your help in your community.

-Prepare pictures and photos.

-What can you do to help them?

-Decide who will be responsible for each activity.

Complete each gap with one word.

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Помогите плиииз!!! Нужно раскрыть скобки, употребляя глагол в соответствующей форме. What you (to do) here at such a late hour?You (to

write) your composition?- No, I (to write) it already.I (to work) at my report.-And when you (to write) your composition?- I (to finish) it two days ago.

What the weather (to be) like?It still (to rain)?-No, it (to stop) raining.

Look at these children: they (to skate) very well.

раскрыть скобки,поставить глагол в

раскрыть скобки,поставить глагол в правильную форму.и перевести.
the documents (to check) at the passport control area.
my salary(to pay) into my account.
these souvenirs (to make) by hand.
in this supermarket a 10 pen cent discount (to give)to regular customers.
a iot of money (to spend) on advertising last year.
new computers(to deliver)to the shop tomorrow.
the scientist (to award) the nobel prize for his discovery.
our clients (to invite) to the trade show next month.
these problems (to discuss) at the meeting yesterday.

пожалуйста помогите сделать нужно сегодня!!!!!!!

мне нужно из чисел перевести на английские слова
люди пожалуйста помогите

1.You (to have) a PE lesson yesterday? No, I ... .

2. What you ( to buy) at the shop yesterday?- I (to buy) a book.
3. Yesterday my father (not to read) newspapers because he( to be) very busy.
4.He ( to spend) last summer in the country.
5. Kate ( to cook) dinner tomorrow.
6. How she ( to help) her mum yesterday?
7. What yor brother (to do) every day?
Нужно раскрыть скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present, Past или Future Indefinite
Помогите добрые люди пожалуйста:)))

если кому не лень) помогите, пожалуйста. нужно раскрыть скобки, употребляя глаголы в past simple или past continuous

9.I (not to play) the piano yesterday. I (to write) a letter to my friend.
10.I (not to play) the piano at four o’clock yesterday. I (to reading) a book.
11.He (not to sleep) when father came home. He (to do) his homework.
12.When I (to do) to school the day before yesterday, I met Mike and Pete. They (to talk) and (to laugh). They told me a funny story. Soon I (to laugh), too. I still (to laugh) when we came to school. After school I (to tell) this story at home. My father and mother (to like) it very much.
13.When we were In the country last summer, I (to go) to the woods one day. It the woods I (to find) a little fox cub. It could not run. It (to injure) its leg. I (to decide) to help the cub. I (to bring) in home. Every day I (to feed) in and (to take) care of it. I (to do) it the whole summer. Now the fox cub is quite well. It (to leave) my house. It lives in the woods again.

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