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Напишите,пжл,сочинение о семье:)

5-9 класс

Шурочка12 10 нояб. 2016 г., 9:01:09 (4 года назад)
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10 нояб. 2016 г., 11:09:12 (4 года назад)

Belonging to a family is one bond almost everyone in the world shares. But familypatterns vary from home to home, from country to country. What is a family? People whoare closely related? To my mind there is no exact difinition, what the family is. It is definitely a phenomenon, centemented by blood, which is thicker than water.

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10 нояб. 2016 г., 13:54:04 (4 года назад)

I think that a family is a very important thing for everybody. A family is the people that always love you, support you and help you. For me it is impossible to live without my family. My family is not large. I have got a mother, a father and a brother Dima. There are four of us in the family. We also have grandparents and a lot of relatives.First of I’d like to say a few words about my parents. My mother is a good-looking woman with blond hair. She is forty-two but she looks much younger. She is a teacher of Russian. She works in a school. She likes her job very much. My mother keeps the house and takes care of my father and us. She is very good at cooking. She always cooks very delicious meals. Our mother is very kind, but sometimes he is strict to us. She always checks if our homework is done. Mother takes care of our free time, so that we are not able to waste our time.My father is a lawyer. He is forty-five. He is a professional. My father does his work very well and gets good money. He is also handy with many things. He can fix almost everything. He also likes making models of planes. My parents have been married for 20 years already. They have much in common, but they have different views on music, books, and films. For example my father likes thrillers and my mother likes adventure films and fantasy. My father is fond of football and chess. My mother likes playing ping pong. My parents work a lot.My younger brother, Dima, is a student of the same school. He wants to become a lawyer, like our father. Besides he is playing table tennis like our mother. He studies well. On the one hand, Dima loves constructing and can become an aircraft designer, on the other hand he is very good at languages and can become an interpreter. My grandmother and my grandfather are pensioners. They live not far from us. Sometimes our granny helps us to run the house. She is fond of knitting. My grandfather is a military man and he reads a lot! The library that we have at our flat is the tenth part of all the books that granddad has at his place.As for me, I’d like to become a computer programmer. I have always loved computer science. I can make some computer programmes and I also can play the guitar very well. I like different kinds of music, but mostly I prefer rock.We all get on with each other very well. Every one in our family is rather busy, but we are always very happy if we have a possibility to spend some time together. My family means a lot to me.Перевод некоторых слов:to support – поддерживать, relatives - родственники, good-looking - привлекательный, to keep the house - управляться с домом, to take care of – заботиться о…, delicious meals – очень вкусные блюда,strict - строгий, to check - проверять, to waste time – «балбесничать», a lawyer - адвокат, to fix - ремонтировать, a model of a plane – модель самолета, to be married - быть замужем / женатым, to have much in common – иметь много общего, an aircraft designer - авиаконструктор, an interpreter - переводчик, a pensioner – пенсионер, to run the house – управляться с домом,knitting – вязание, a military man – военный, to get on well – ладить, a possibility - возможность


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