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If the construction workers work every day, ....... finish building the new house by next week

10-11 класс

a)hi will b)they will c)he might d)they can

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Ну в первом ответ будет d
если везде так то d
если во втором другое, то b


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The factory worker
Dorothy Beckett, 93, has been working in a cake factory in Yorkshire, UK for more than 56 years. She works a 40-hour week, putting cakes in boxes, together with people who are 70 years younger than her. In 1945, aged 36, Dorothy set up the factory with her husband, Fred. Now, the business has a £4m annual turnover. “I’ve never wanted to retire,” she says. “It would be the end of me”.
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The banker
“In the past year I’ve travelled to London, Paris and Milan for work,” says Gerald Lilley, sitting with a poetry book on his knee in his apartment in New York. “I’ve been to London three times, to Japan twice and to China, well, lots of times. When I’m not travelling, I like to be in the office every day at about 9.30. And I tend to leave at around 4.00 p.m. Mr Lilley is 94, and is senior advisor at one of the big investment banks. He finds the flights more tiring nowadays, especially after long days in meetings. “I suppose it’s my age,” he says, “but I have my evening to relax, have a drink and read German, French and English poetry.”

1 All people stop working after 70.
2 Dorothy has been working with 70-year old men and women.
3 Dorothy wants to retire and do gardening.
4 William has been working for more than 70 years.
5 William is a car dealer in a car sales showroom.
6 William likes helping young colleagues.
7 William had studied Law and Accountancy before he got this job..
8 Gerald is still travelling a lot.
9 Gerald retired last year.
10 Gerald likes reading poetry.

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