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предложения с окончанием won t you/ will you

5-9 класс

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Don't forget to give the book to him, will you?
You will take part in the consert, won't you?


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Test 1)Which vitamin can you get from drinking orange juice? 2)Dairy produce provides you witth two

vitamins.Which are they?

3)Sitting for half an hour in a park on a sunny day will provide you with a natural source of which vitamin?

4)Which meat products are rich in vitamins?

5)Give three examples of leafy vegetables.

6)Which vitamins do the folowing people need?

someone worrying about a cut finger that won`t stop bleeding

a child lying on a sofe and compulsively eating lots of sweets

someone with no feeling in their toes

someone who is short of breath and whose face looks redder than normal

someone scratching their head

Переведите пожалуйста на английский язык, только не через переводчик.

путешествовали на поезде в чужую страну? – Нет. Мы путешествовали на
встретили знаменитость в чужой стране? – Нет, но мы были на концерте
известной группы. Чтобы ты сделала, если бы встретила знаменитость?
– Я бы попросила бы с ним сфоткаться.
путешествовал самолетом? – Да, мы путешествовали на самолете.
приняла участие в велопоходе? – Нет, мне не захотелось.
видела горящий костер? – Да.
плавала в океане? – Да плавала.
принимала участие в верховной езде? – Нет, это опасно для жизни.
читала книгу на английском языке? – Да, но не чем хорошим это не

переведите пж текст

In the Edinburgh I know, boys like to shoot with bows and arrows and play a game of blind man's buff. We also play football. My hobby is theatre. The best theatre is in London. It's new and it's called "The Globe". A great English playwright William Shakespeare writes plays for it. Women can't be actors in the theatre. Only men can. The theatre is round and it doesn't have a roof. People must stand on the ground near the stage. Only rich people have seats. They sit in the gallery. Whem people don't like the play, they throw things at the astors. Sometimes Queen Elizabeth comes to " The Globe" to see a play. I like Shakespeare very mush. I read all his plays, and I want to see them in ''The Globe'' in London, but I can't. I like in Scotland and the Scots and the English are not friends.

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Перевод текста !A pile of raspberry-jam-cakes as hiqh as Mary Poppins's waist stood in the centre.''Won't you sit down,Madam?"- asked a voice.They turned

and found a tall man in a black coat cominq out of the wood with a table-napkin over his arm. "I'm the waiter,you know!"-explained the man in the black coat. "Won't you sit down?"said Mary Poppins,politely. "Waiters never sit down,Madam,''said the man.But he was very pleased that Mary Poppins had asked him to join them. They beqan their afternoon-tea,and the waiter stood beside them to see that they had everythinq they needed. They drank their tea and two more cups,and then they finished the pile of raspberry-jam-cakes.After that they qot up. "There is nothinq to play"said the waiter,before they had time to ask for the bill."It is a pleasure.You will find the merry-qo-round just over there!" Mary Poppins and her friend saw some wooden horses in the thees...

Write the questions in the correct order. 1.you \ will \ at seven o'clock? \ Where \ be

2.Which subjects \ you \ study \ next year? \ will

3.will \ How old \ you \ be \ in 2012?

4. study \ you \ at university? \ will \ What

5.When \ get married? \ you \ will

6.Which team \ the league \ win \ this year? \ will

Помогите пожалуйста заранее Помогите пожалуйста заранее спасибо))) Your new friend is interested in what you will do tomorrow,in the morning,in

the afternoon ,in the evening.Write what you will do .

tomorrow;____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the morning ;___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the afternoon;____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the evening;_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Ask questions about the sentence: At Whipsnade you will learn and understand endangered animals.

Where/ you/ learn. ..?
What /you/ understand ...?
Whom/ you/ save. ..?
Which animals/ you/ learn to save?
What/ you/ learn/ about?
You will. ..,... you?
помогите пожалуйста! !!!

What do you expect to learn during the three years ahead of you? How do you think you will be different in three years?write at least ten adjectives

to describe yourself.What joys and difficulties do you envision you will meet on yor way?Помогите срочно,ответить на вопросы..заранее спасибо)

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