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умоляю вас помогите!!срочно!!заренее благодарна

5-9 класс

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Why do you want to work with us
Do you have an experience working in an office
When can you start the work

A, b, a, c, b, c, c, a


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Many Russians are religious people. The main church is the Russian OrthodoxChurch. It has survived during the hard times and now people speak about a rebirth of reli-gion in the country. New churches and cathedrals are built every year, old ones arerestored. But not all people in Russia belong to the Orthodox Church. There are other reli-gions too and there are a lot of people who are non-believers.

Напишите данные предложения еще раз, начав

с подлежащего, данного в скобках, и сделав все необходимые изменения.

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прошу вас помогите мне с прямой

прошу вас помогите мне с прямой речью...умоляю
1. When will I know the results of the examination? - Maria asked the examiner....
2. i will see you in the morning, Helen - Peter told Helen....
3. You cant park here. - The police officer told Jack....
4. I kile this hotel very mutch.- Diana told me....
5. The trousers have to be ready this afternoon.-Paul told the dry-cleaners....
6. I left my umbrella here two days ago.- Susan told them....
7. I think its going to rain tonight.- William said...
8. What time does the film start,Peter?- I asked....
9.Why did you apply for this job? asked the sales manager.- The sales manager asked me....
10. im taking the 5:30 train tomorrow evening- Janet said....

Помогите пожалуйста с английским. Мне нужно перевести прямую речь в косвенную.

1. Motrer: "Hurry up, Ann.
2. Sam: "Don't take off your coat, Kate.
3. Bill: "Is John at home now?".
4. Liza: "Does Train 17 arrive at 8?".
5. Harry:" I'm going to the sports club".
6. She: " He isn't cleaning the room".
7. Rick: " He will be busy next Monday".
Умоляю вас, помогите кто сможет.


Помогите написать письмо
Надо ответить на воросы и рассказать о своей новой школе
Hope you made any friends in your new school? Do you studying there ?Have you got any new subjects this yers ?
И задать 3 вопроса про ее предпочтения в музыке

ПОмогите срочно!!!ОТВЕТИТЬ НА ВОПРОСЫ!! -

Interviewer: I know you have been learning English for almost five years and you are planning to become an interpreter. What do you feel about learning grammar? Do you think your teacher spends too much or too little time on it?
Int. So grammar is important, but not too much of it. But should it be taught in
Int. With vocabulary — is it better to learn a few words at a time and practice them, rather than a lot of words by heart?
Int. One of the problems for learners of English is phrasal verbs — to get on, to get along with and so on, and, of course, idioms. Is it a problem for you? Have you
learnt enough idioms to cope with?
Int. So, make sure the idioms you learnt are up-to-date. Now, how about pronunciation?A lot of students find that hard.вы-,,,,,,
Int. What advice would you give to people who are just beginning to learn

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