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заполните правильной формы глаголы: BE HAVE

10-11 класс

1)Their son.....a businessman.2)He .....a cassette.3)These boy.....students.4)Much time......often spent by my relatives together.5)My friends will......introduced to my parents by me tomorrow.6)The museum......visited by them last sunday7)The examinations......seldom passed by him well.8)The library.....rarely visited by the students last year9)The cake was.......cooked by my mother all evening yesterday.10) The man.....waiting for her at the moment.

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is   has    are   is   have   was   are   was   being    is


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.Переведите следующие предложения на
русский язык, обращая внимание на форму глагола придаточных предложений:

Поставьте прилагательные в скобках в сравнительную или превосходную степени сравнения .

1. The life of this battery is (long) than most of its rivals at almost half the price.
2. Our mineral water is (pure) in the market.
3. He is (good) student in our group.
4. I would recommend this jacket. It’s (stylish) than the other one and it really suits you.
5. This is (low) price I can offer.
6. You’ll really like these chips. They are (tasty) than any others on the market.
7. I can’t recommend this DVD player. Its results were (bad) than the others.
8. That is (silly) suggestion I’ve ever heard.

Use the right affixes and transform the words in brackets to complete the sentences.

1. This article is not very (MEANING)_________so it is difficult to work with it.
2. Your advice is always very (USE)_________We shall follow it.
3. His (MEMBER)_________in this club has been cancelled after the accident.
4. The friends told each other that their (FRIEND)_________will last forever.
5. The (RELATE)_________with her boyfriend was very important for Kelly.
6. The girl was given a very nice present and she was very (THANK)_________for that.
7. Ann looks very (THOUGHT)_________She is probably trying to solve some problem.
8. One has to be very (CARE)_________when crossing the street.
9. You shouldn't be afraid of dentists. Nowadays most of their manipulations are (PAIN)_________.

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1.Вставьте требуемые по смыслу формы глагола to have:1. We…a lot to do last week. 2. Our group … a seminar in legal medicine the day after

tomorrow. 3. We … a new subject next semester. 4. Sue …a new hobby, photography. 5. I …a vanilla ice-cream for dessert. 6. My group-mates … a lot of fun at the disco on Sunday. 7. All my friends … pets at home. 8. Mike … a headache. 9. She … an important message for you. 10. Lanny … a criminal law test in a week. 2.Переведите предложения на английский язык, используя нужные формы глагола to have:

Выберите правильную форму глагола "to have" :

1) Like her mother Alla ... blue cyes and fair hair.
a) has
b) have
c) shall have

2) They usually ... dinner at 4 p.m.
a) have
b) wikk have
c) has

3) Last ycar I ... six lessons a day.
a) had
b) have
c) has

Используя простое настоящее время, заполнить пробелы с правильной формой глагола to have.

1. I.....many books.
2. You ....an apartment.
3. He ....a bicycle.
4. We....fun.
5. They....two Steve.
6. She .....milk in her tea.
7. I....a warm sweater.
8. We ....breakfast at eight o'clock.
9. He ....an alarm clock.
10. It ......a sense is humor.

Упражнение№8. Употребите правильную форму глагола to have.

…….a lot of friends.

2. ……
you…….any questions to me?

3. When
she was young she …….a lot of money.

4. Who
…….a computer at home?

5. The
students ……. industrial training next year.

6. Every fruit …….its season.

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