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Work in groups. Draw an alien, think of a name for him / her and design his / her clothes.

5-9 класс

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Here is our alien. His name is Bobo. If you pay attention at the picture you'll see what he looks like. Bobo wears pink comfortable jumper and checkered yellow-and-blue trousers. In my opinion, they suit to Bobo. He may be a stylish alien. He has a large head which must prove his wisdom and intellect. His eyes are kind. The number of fingers that his alien species has is three. So he has three fingers of each hand. He's a friendly guy. Be acquainted with Bobo! Let you do that!


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Переведите предложения! БЕЗ ПЕРЕВОДЧИКА пожалуйста!!

1. Осенью опадают листья, и птицы улетают на юг.
2. Где медведи проводят зиму?
3. Олени любят мох и морковь, они не едят мясо.
4. Как часто с друзьями вы ходите на каток?
5. Я не хожу на каток, но я и мои родители по воскресеньям катаемся на лыжах.
6. К несчастью, я не могу читать много английской литератур. В наших магазинах мало английских книг.

Составить предложение-"Выставить слова в правильном порядке".

Pet , Has , Breakfast , My , Seven , O clock , at , his

Где тут сложноподчиненные предложения с придаточными времени и условия?

1) As soon as you are ready? I will drive you home
2) If you will finish your work? we will go to the theatre
3)She will forget about it if we do not remind her
4) If we won't find the money, we will call the police
5) What will she do if she will miss the train?

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treatment to different animals. I also deal with the park's visitors and answer their
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ОЧЕНЬ СРОЧНО!!! Переведите пожалуйста текст!!! How many jobs can you think of? Twenty? Thirty? No doubt the list includes doctor, lawyer,

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Which of the following phrases do you think best describes London? Why?a) London is without doubt (без сомнения) one of the most wonderful cities in

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Think of jobs you are interested in or that might be suitable for you. Would you like to work with people, with PCs(personal computers), with

animals? List as many jobs as you can think of and report them to the class.

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