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ПЛИЗ ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА Я ВАС ОБЛАГОДАРЮ ПЛИЗ Я ВАС ПРОШУ сочинение на тему: чтобы ты сделала для детей с ограничеными возможностями

5-9 класс

Karmih99 15 марта 2017 г., 21:33:39 (6 лет назад)
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15 марта 2017 г., 22:55:22 (6 лет назад)

There are many disabled people in our world. What is easy for us, can be difficult for them. Unluckily, there too many disabled children that sometimes even can't understand what they are doing or who are they, where is their mother and e.t.c. Many people think that if somebody can't do something, he isn't a normal person, he is crazy and he is a stranger in this world. But disabled people are the same that we are, so we shouldn't treat them as stupid animals. Of course, we should understand that they can't pull of gravities or do their task quiskly, but disabled people usually cleverer than the others and sometimes they make scientific achievments.
Some children can't go normally, other can't talk well, but, anyway, they are children, so they have right to normal living. To their comfortable travelling around the city, there should be many rampants and lifts, low buttons and borders to disabled in wheelchairs. Disabled children have to go to schools to communicate and to the other children understand that people with disabilities - it's just special people.
In schools there should be lifts too, because it is impossible to rise to yourself by the stairs on the wheelchair, so wheelchaired children can't go to common schools now.

Unless these measures are, to most people disabled should be people from other planet, so, they will never communicate with the usual people and will be forced to sit in their flats all day long. If we don't want these problems to be, we should care about disabled people.


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