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Match the words with their definitions:

5-9 класс

1 yolk a) to put flour or sand through a seive
2 to mince b) a type of sweet-smelling plant used in cooking
3 to sift c) the yellow part in the centre of an egg
4 to grease d) a flat frame of metal bars on which you cook food
5 grill e) to cut meat into very small pieces with a knife or mincer
6 vinegar f) to pick up or move with a spoon
7 basil g) to put grease or fat on something
8 to spoon h) an acid-tasting liquid

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1 yolk c) the yellow part in the centre of an egg 
2 to mince e) to cut meat into very small pieces with a knife or mincer
3 to sift a) to put flour or sand through a seive
4 to grease g) to put grease or fat on something
5 grill d) a flat frame of metal bars on which you cook food
6 vinegar h) an acid-tasting liquid
7 basil b) a type of sweet-smelling plant used in cooking
8 to spoon f) to pick up or move with a spoon

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1) с)
2) e)
3) a)
4) g)
5) d)
6) h)
7) b)
8) f)


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Очень очень нужно завтра сдать, помогите сделать 1)))Put in the werbs in brackets into the present simple or the present contin


hi isabel,
i'm in the beautiful city of oxford. I 1 (study) German and Russian at the university here. I 2 (find) both languages interesting but German
3 (be) more difficult. All the other students on the course. 4 (feel) the same way,too. We 5 (meet) once a week to discuss the lectures. This week,e 6 (go) to the theatre in London to see a play. I 7 (stay) on the campus for the moment but a few of us. 8 (look) for a house to share. the foof in the halls. 9 (not/be) very good,so we usually. 10 (have) lunch at a restaurant nearby.
I hope to hear from you soon
Take care,

2)))Put in the werbs in brackets into the present simple or the present perfect

1. A : When did you move (you/move) house,David?

B: Three days ago but I (not/unpack) yet.

2. A: Do you like Chinese food?

B: Actually, I (NEVER/TRY) it

3. A: I (just/finish) my essay

B:Really? I (write) mine yesterday evening

4. A: How long (you/live) in America?
B: I (come) here in 2004

5. A : (you/type) the letters yet?

B: Yes, I (finish) them half an hour ago and (give) them to Mr Harris

3)))Fill in : has/have been/to,has/have gone to

1. A:Have you ever been to France?

B:No, haven't but I'd like to go one day

2. A:I'm afraid Sue and Pam can't come with us. They want to visit their grandmother.

B: She _____

3. A: Haw long ___ Mexico?

B:For nearly three uears

4.A: Do you know where Mum is?

B: I think she ___ the post office to get some stamps.

5)))Put the adjectives in the right order

1 a new/woollwn/red/smart/hat ( a smart new red woollen hat)

2 a(n) modern/luxurious/italian/car (______ )

3 two/long/blue/beautiful/dresses ( ______ )

4 a gold/tiny/round/Russian/coin (_____)

5 a plastic/blue/little/spoon ( _____ )

6)))Choose the correct answer

1 We used ... in flat but now we live in a big house a) live b) to live c) living

2 I'm used ... up very early in the morning, so it doesn't bother me a) to get b) getting c) to getting

3 It was difficult at first but Max is getting used ... on the left a) drive b) to driving c) driving

4 Dad didn't use ... on Saturdays but he does now a) work b) working c) to work

5 When Helen was little, her father used ... her stories before going to bed a) tell b) to tell c) telling

6 I never got used ... German when I lived in Germany.It was difficult for me to learn a) to speaking b) speaking c) speak

7 Neil isn't used ... Chinese food a) to eat b) to eating c) eating

8 Tom used ... in Rome but now he's moved back to London a)live b) to living c) to live

Нужен билет по английскому

science and technology

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7.A. Match these words with their definitions.

1. to hire/ - to play something again (a football match, a film) so, that it can be looked later.
2. to record/ - to spoil somethings, destroy.
3. to pirate/ - to use something on payment of some money.
4. to ruin - to copy and sell the work of other people without permission.
5. to replay/ - to write something on a cassette, computer.
B. Now, fill in the gaps with these words.
1. The rain______ many old houses.
2. In our city you can _________ a taxi.
3. After the match footballers ____ the game and discussed their mistakes.
4.When I am not at home I _____ my voice on the answering matchine.
5. It is not good to ______ videos.

12. Match the sentences (1-5) with the correct phrasal verb (A-F). One word is extra.

1) I always … something low fat in a restaurant. A) look after
2) Players usually … before a match. B) ask for
3) They … homeless animals. C) take off
4) The planes … at the airport. D) warm up
5) People should … their mobiles in public places. E) switch off F) make up
13. Match the beginnings of the expressions to the endings.
1) I’m really looking A) kidding!
2) You’re B) sure?
3) Are you having C) a drink?
4) Would you like D) a good time?
5) Are you E) forward to it.
F) recover soon.
14. Match the words with their opposites. One variant is extra.
1) empty A) loudly
2) whisper B) land
3) quietly C) full
4) take off D) behind
5) in front of E) shout
F) short
19. Put the words in order to make an English proverb.
1) the cat 2) cream 3) its eyes 4) while stealing 5) shuts

Match the words with their definitions.

1. aspire
2. cooperate
3. hold
4. sign
5. ban
6. eliminate
7. settle
8. restore
9. ease
10. pledge
11. entitle
12. declare
13. provide
14. respect
15. protect
16. implement
17. violate
18. abuse
a) to finally agree upon or decide
b) to defend or keep safe
c) to prohibit
d) to have a strong desire to achieve
e) to use in a way that is wrong or bad
f) to free from pain, worry or trouble
g) to announce in a formal way
h) to express honour or esteem towards
i) to promise seriously or publicly to do smth
j) to supply
k) to go against or refuse to obey a law, an agreement, etc
l) to give somebody the right to have or do smth
m) to carry out or put into action
n) to organize
o) to write one’s name on
p) to get rid or destroy
q) to bring back into use or existence
r) to work together with somebody else in order to achieve smth

Прошу помогите: Match the words to their opposites. There is one word you don’t have to use. 1) expensive A) dry 2) wet B)


3) easy

C) light

4) heavy

D) cold

5) hot

E) ugly

F) cheap

Match the sentence with the correct question word. There is one word you do not have to use. You should use other words only ONCE.

1) ______ does the maths lesson begin?

A) How often

2) ______ is the Art room?

B) Which

3) ______ are you reading this book?

C) Where

4) ______ do you clean the car?

D) When

5) ______ book do you want?

E) Who

F) Why

Match the words with their definitions: 1. flat-footed a) to move the legs violenty and suddenly 2. to kick b) to run slowly 3. to jog c) to walk, to go

on foot 4. to tiptoe d) not straight, twisted or bent 5. to step e) to walk quietly on toes 6. to pace f) someone who has feet with arches that are too low 7. g) to walk with slow steps

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