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Назовите все словообразовательные слова в английском языке! Скажи пожалуйста,завтра контрольная,срочно надо!!! Например как : to drink-drinkable Заранее

5-9 класс

огромное спасибо!!!

Pmasha35 22 нояб. 2014 г., 17:59:43 (6 лет назад)
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work - worker
art - artist
break - breakage


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Мне хотя бы просто ответы....прошу!!!!

What time ….. Susan to her piano lesson this afternoon?
A are you taking
B do you take
C will you take

If only I ….. so much homework to do! I’d love to go out with my friends.
A wouldn’t have
B hadn’t had
C didn’t have

Sam still has some difficulty ……. portraits, but he’ll improve with practice.
A to paint
B to painting
C painting

After Barney …… his chores, he had some rest.
A had been doing
B was doing
C had done

If I……..you, I’d cut down on all that junk food.
A had been
B were
C would be

Wasn’t it very kind of Nick……. us move the furnite?
A to help
B help
C helping

Can you be a little more careful, please? You …… .coffee on my keyboard.
A spill
B will be spilling
C are going to spill

Cindy…….into tears when a car almost hit her dog as it ran into the street.
A took
B made
C burst

You’d better save your documents …..the computer crashes.
A in order that
B in case
C so that

My grandmother has joined a senior…….club, where she can go on trips and do interesting activities with other people around the same age as her.
A members
B citizens
C persons

Jane isn’t very…….; she avoids meeting new people or being in public places.
A silly
B helpful
C sociable

The neglected puppies …. From their irresponsible owner.
A were removed
B had removed
C were removing

If you’re looking for a dog, why don’t you get one from the animal ….?
A hall
B shelter
C station

With four little children running around, it’s not always easy for Sarah to …. the house tidy.
A keep
B make
C do

We’d better book tickets to the show now, ….. the concert sells out.
A so that B in order C in case

They managed to catch a ……of the dolphin before it disappeared back into the water.
A glimpse B sighting C look

Вот предложение: Journalists are supposed to give fair comment on the events and are not supposed to change facts or tell lies.

Нужно составить вопросы: по одному общий, специальный, альтернативный, расчлененный вопрос.

Complete these sentences with the missing words where necessary.

1)On his desert island Robinson Crusoe had to struggle ... his life.

2)The wind blew ... the candle and we found ourselves in the dark.

3)Sam smiled ... us so cheerfully, that we all smiled back.

4)Just push ... the door and it will open.

5)Americans had to struggle ... their independence ... Britain.

6)This river winds ... the forest.

7)Hold me firmly ... the hand: you can get lost in the crowd.

8)Can you hear a noise? I think someone ia knocking ... the window.

9)Is there a bank close ... your house?
10) I am so hungry I could eat a whole bowl ... porridge.

Use have to,do you have to, or don't have to. 1. get up early every day ? 2.There is a lot of sugar at home.You buy any. 3.They don't speak Romanian.So we

speak only English. 4.I don't know all the words in English.So I use the dictionary very often.

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Вот план только он на английском языке написан.
1 Name
2 Where does it live?
3 How does it look like?
4 What is it like?
5 What does it eat?
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Помогите пожалуйста!Очень срочно надо.(Учебник по Англискому языку Enjoy English.Издатель -Библолетова М.З Денисенко О.А. и Трубанева Н.Н. Страница

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Я очень сильно хочу изучать английский язык (все с нуля). Я тип буду

самоучкой. И вот не знаю, боюсь то что вдруг все будет напрасно. Ну я
там нашла один сайт, там видео уроки. Я и читала, вообще вродь говорят,
что английский язык самый легких из всех языков.

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